Using Telemedicine to Limit PPE Usage


The other sort of interesting telemedicine effort that blended into the PD. You situation and actually using Video conferencing system von impatient inside Just in our own hospital to limit some of the in and out of patience rooms and utilization of supply. They have the video abilities for docs for nurses to be able to video conference with fish in our in hospital and technological aspect. That is interesting to watch it. Just the explosion diagnostic testing and ability both in drug testing for the virus and labs developing earn test. But also the hunt for. What did the antibody response look like? And what that means A fascinating things that are happening So we cover a wide swath of southeast Alabama as well as parts of Georgia and West Florida close to seven hundred thousand people so a lot of the things that you see from Alabama Department of public about the number of patients that are diagnosed in Houston County as kind of a misnomer in the sense that In the southeast health right now we've had ten cova deaths There's three in the county that are outside of what we've reported so our hospital right now is At Max Capacity and they are utilizing quite a bit a. p. p. e. and they're very concerned about Their supplies moving forward that actually utilize the Labor pool of people who've been furloughed from Outpatient surgeries etc to actually start fabricating gowns the reusable. They have a pattern and there are people sewing. They create a yesterday. Twenty two hundred gowns We have people making masks Out The from around a Area who are donating to the hospital for the patients. Just you know the usual cloth. Reusable mass and we have had three D. printing from a com to create fait shields. Necessity brings out the best in the ingenuity. And it's showing around here. What we actually started doing here is Evaluating patients out in the parking lot. We have been utilizing telly. Help To reach our patients the only issue we that we really run into is Internet service So some of our patients just can't do zoom they don't have they can't facetime on their iphones So we do have to go to telephone for the majority of our patients decrease PP usage by doing zoom into a room Mostly with consultants right now and the Er has done it where they the patient once. And then they leave Zoom capabilities in there to reassess the patient without having to go back in repeatedly waste p. p. e. so from our rural perspective. you know. I think our challenges are a lot socioeconomic an

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