Ruled in favor of the governor's



Weather Service says a large swath of the south east is under a moderate risk for severe weather there is a strong possibility of tornadoes forecaster Gary Goggins low on a long track potential some of these tornadoes damaging winds up to seventy miles an hour with us was just straight line wind damage with this huddling together to ride out a storm or being in a storm shelter is not in great social distancing taste these days but Goggin says people need to think about the threats the tornado is is more threat to your life then then the virus is right now rob Dawson fox news some good news this Easter Sunday the IRS tweeting it's already started sending out stimulus payments to people with direct deposit who filed their taxes in twenty eighteen and nineteen America is listening to fox news one century ago experienced its deadliest pandemic Anish flu of nineteen eighteen infected nations around the world killing millions in the decades that's what the lives of more none have been quite like this one of our is now a global pandemic Broadway will be shut down the NBA suspending gameplay Paul street briefly suspending trading today it is impacted Hollywood it is in capital

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