Panic in the Streets


We're discussing panic in the streets starring. Richard Would Mark Paul. Douglas Barbara Bel Getty's Jack Talents. Zero mastel directed by Eliah Kazan. This is the now playing. Co-host who's fond of Shishkabob Arnie Stewart? And this the CO host. Who Likes High Foreheads Jacob? Well we hope everybody at home is healthy and safe and likely quarantined. No matter where you're listening to us from the world. Yeah at the moment of recording. We are all separated apart. Watching the news is one of the shows that we've taped since this pandemic has hit America. We are hearing reports. There are over sixty thousand cases in America by the time this airs. Who knows but we are thinking about this pandemic and checking in with you. You guys told us you were interested in watching movies about viruses. I don't know about that you know I can understand why some people might be like. I want to turn that off. I don't WanNa think about that. It's scary to contemplate when you turn on the news these days. Yeah but people are I think indulging in it in some ways entertainment as of this recording contagion is the number four movie on Itunes and it has been for weeks and outbreak is in the top twenty five and let's face it. We had to kind of fill out our schedule. The new mutants is punted for the sixth time or something but James Bond got moved black widow. The new saw film fast and furious nine and just a couple days ago when we're recording. This wonder woman. Eighty four half of our schedule for the spring has no release date anymore. Yeah I thought it was going to be a super busy month person July and lots of new releases and now we don't know yes and we didn't really necessarily know how to approach virus movies. Either there are a lot of them and we've covered some of them and you can go find those in the archives. Twenty eight days later and I am legend. All the stand. I did a list. I wanted to see how many we've really done if people wanted to do. A full now. Playing virus retrospective. There's the I am legend trilogy. Starting with the last man on earth in nineteen sixty four. Yeah then Omega Man in seventy one. There's the stand from ninety. Four twelve monkeys. That counts right. Nine Hundred Ninety five definitely twenty eight days later two thousand and two resident evil also two thousand two twenty eight weeks later as well. Yep Yep rise of the planet of the apes and then its two sequels but rise. Came Out in twenty eleven. Dare I add it in the name of the King Two worlds. It might make you sick watching it. And there was someone plotting to release a virus. Yes and they did. That's the thing it's not if they were blinded they released it in the Kingdom of EB World War Z. And Day of the dead bloodline. Yeah I think what's different here because we do want to be sensitive. We're not doing the sensational Zombie outbreak. Type films I mean. We talked about all kinds of viral outbreaks. And we really wanted something that that would speak to. What's going on right now. Though yeah I agree I mean I want a very clear eyed view if you WANNA laugh and enjoy camping ones no judgment but it might seem inappropriate to make light of something that seemed so severe the way I thought about it is. It's more interesting even though we're told. Time and again. These are unprecedented times. Mankind has always dealt with viruses. It has always been a part of our story and it was interesting to think that we could go back through the decades and look at the ways that it was presented on film and how the general public thought about contagion and viral outbreaks. And it makes sense that we would start with panic in the streets in one thousand nine hundred fifty film when we were discussing the Tom Cruise film losing it Stewart. You pointed out that in the eighties. A lot of movies were being set in the fifties because baby boomers who were in their formative years in the fifties grew up and now they were writing films in the eighties so setting them thirty years earlier while thirty years or specifically thirty two years before nineteen fifty. The Spanish flu was out there so a lot of people. My Ninety nine year old grandmother is regaling me endlessly with this coronas. Nothing you should have been there for the Spanish flu. Nine hundred eighteen. Not many of us can say that we were there for that but it does sound awful. It killed a whole lot of people. And Yeah that comes up a lot. But even in the nineteen fifties which is the start. I think of the movie. Sub-genre virus movies kickoff with panic in the streets. Nine hundred fifty s were a scary time. That looked a lot like. Are you know right. Now we're thinking very much about protecting our seniors because they're what's at risk for covert nineteen but back in the nineteen fifties. Hide your kids to let them go to the pool. Don't let him play with other kids because if you do they're gonNA get infantile paralysis. Polio I mean the scare was real people close pools. They didn't let their kids out. He was considered a summer plague. School's out and then all of a sudden just populations of people all throughout the United States would suddenly be hit hard and kids would suddenly lose motor function and only able to breathe when they were put into an iron lung interesting statistic by the way it sounds a lot like corona only two percent of the population actually develop the disease and most of those cases were mild. Most of the people were not left with long term disabilities but it did impact a whole generation. I know my mom believes. She was diagnosed with polio. My Dad's second wife had it. You know the thirty second president. Fdr The reason why he was in a wheelchair he got it when he was thirty. Nine years old. You didn't even have to be a kit. People were living like we were back in. One thousand nine hundred eighty. When this movie came out there was a real field. If you send your kid to the movie theater. He touched another kid. This could happen wasn't until one thousand nine hundred eighty five. When Jonas Salk released his cure which was very controversial he was doing things that scientists disapproved of in order to get that vaccine and it worked one monkey equaled six thousand doses of immunization. And before you know it all the kids got to lead the iron lung and come home and famously. He didn't even keep the patent. It's something that warms my heart. When I think about it he thought it was unethical for anyone to profit from this cure and so he gave it away for free so there was panic in the streets in nineteen fifty and I think the other thing that might have inspired. The onset of movies talking about viruses was the smallpox outbreak of nineteen forty. Seven guy got on a bus in Mexico. City drove all the way to New York City. Didn't feel so well with feverish. The whole time went to Bellevue hospital a week later he died. That was when the doctors realized. Oh my God is smallpox. They had had a vaccine for smallpox for over century but because smallpox was so rare like nobody was immune from it so suddenly everyone. That man had come in contact when the bus was infected and it was being you know across the country so everyone literally was being impacted. Kind of like we are now. Everyone potentially could have smallpox what the government did was they started a big PR blitz. They put out commercials on the radio. Tv magazines go to our free health clinics. They opened them up all over the country. Get your vaccines and so everyone could sing the songs everyone knew about shots and the necessity of getting immune to smallpox. Hollywood jumps on trends. If something is big in the news. They're going to come up with a movie about it and I think that's the movie we're here to talk about today. I'd never heard of panic in the streets until we decided we were going to cherry pick. What is what the best the most iconic virus movie from each decade the fifties through the teens. And you said this is the top one on the list I I. I never heard of this. Yeah nor have I. This is totally new to me. I knew by reputation but I've never seen it either. I do think most people know Elia Kazan. He was a director more famous. Maybe for Broadway the stage but he helped pioneer the method acting. So if you know Brando if you know James Dean if you know all of those leading light actors for the nineteen fifties Elliott. Kazan probably worked with them and got them to be the actors that they were. Yeah I did look up this director and and unfortunately Brando. Unless he's in Superman or the godfather I I got a blind spot for his films as well as James Dean so I recognize. Yeah Kazan oh he's he's actually done some big movies but this one isn't one of his that I've heard of

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