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The NASCAR fan is is passionate and and we want to conduct events with fans any chance we can get but until we believe that it's a safe environment and and we can work with the local and state communities to make that happen we're gonna wait until we get that okay that is NASCAR executive vice president Steve o'donnell Patrick Mahomes is assured of remaining in Kansas city for twenty twenty one after the team picked up his fifth year option but the Superbowl MVP hopeful of staying around longer than that I want to be at sea for a long time I want to have a contractor that did that says that and then I can go out there and know that I have that security and everything like that but I understand interested she's organization everybody in a different way to handle it the right way I trust our representation of their let me know how to ease my mind let me go out there and you just love love the game that I've loved playing the Jacksonville Jaguars meanwhile have declined the fifth year option are running back later for today the Jack wars have signed former Redskins running back Chris Thompson the Titans have declined their fifth year option I wide receiver Corey Davis Major League Baseball the umpires union have an agreement the umpires will have their salaries reduced by he percent this season but this deal guarantees of a paycheck even while games are not played whatever the season does begin ending is really for a manual class will not be part of a he's been suspended eighty games after testing positive for a banned substance a federal judge has thrown out the on equal pay lawsuit brought one year ago by members of the U. S. women's national soccer team the women claim they run justly being paid less than their counterparts on the men's national team obviously

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