Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov 1: About Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov


In you. Rimsky-korsakov was born in eighteen. Forty four in a town just east of Saint Petersburg Russia. There was a lot of music. In the household rimsky-korsakov's parents played the piano and sang and he loved opera but he had a much older brother. Twenty two years older. Who was a navy officer? So that's what rimsky-korsakov wanted to do too. When he went to the Naval Academy he studied music on the side and met up with a group of composers were writing Russian classical music then rimsky-korsakov had started working on a symphony and wanted to forget about the navy but his brother said no way so off. He went on a three year tour of duty to exotic places like London Brazil and New York while he was on board ship. Rimsky-korsakov kept working on his symphony when he finally got back home his friend and fellow composer. Mealy bollock era of conducted it. People in the audience loved the symphony but they were pretty surprised to see the composer wearing a navy uniform. Rimsky-korsakov and four of his composer friends started hanging out together so much that they became known as the mighty five or mighty handful as in five fingers. Rimsky-korsakov quit the navy and was invited to teach at the Saint Petersburg Conservatory which is now called the Rinse Korsakov Conservatory. When he was I asked to teach music. Rimsky-korsakov realized that his own music education had been pretty terrible so he studied very hard very fast always keeping just about one lesson ahead of his students. Rimsky-korsakov turned out to be a very good teacher starting at home. Not only did he teach himself how to compose and conduct. He also became an expert at orchestration giving musical color to a piece by deciding which instruments should play what part rimsky-korsakov loved to tell stories with music. One of his best is about a person who was also an expert Storyteller Sheherazade who kept herself from getting killed for a thousand and one nights by telling a different story every night as a kid. Rimsky-korsakov LOVED OPERA. And as a grownup he's still did he wrote about a dozen and a half of them one of his operas based on music history. The story of composers Mozart ancilliary Omar other renske operas are based on Russian history like the czars bride that a woman Ivan. The terrible wants to marry. And then there are the opera's rimsky-korsakov based on Russian fairy tales. Next week I'll tell you the whole story. Abs Are Salton. But here's the most famous piece of music that Rimouski Korsakov put into that opera.

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