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Dont Believe Everything on TV #1444 - burst 06



With that a little bit. Hey Apple today is updated is thirteen inch macbook pro at the magic keyboard in double the storage and faster performance and So if you're in the market for thirteen inch macbook pro They're available starting at twelve ninety nine and eleven ninety nine for education. Yes at wapping one hundred dollar discount if you are a student my My son He's you know he's done real well. Whips done real well recently. He hasn't had a macbook issue. We got through that with the with the spill cleaning product but now The six the Canon Sixty d I gave him he told me recently. I don't WanNA sell that and WANNA buy eighty and I'm like A why do you want to get an add? What's the major difference here? It's Sixty Eighty. There's not that much. Delta for what you're doing so I WANNA buy a water Housing Force I can take Videos underwater and I'm like well just by a housing for the Sixty D. And he's like well. I'm going to buy a housing I want upgraded camera and like Dejan. You know the eighty is still like nine hundred dollars and I said you know they've got deals going on but you don't need those lenses and so just you know. Save up for new body. Well you know you know how kids are.

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