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‘The Batman' Movie Gets New Release Date


Matt Reeves says that the the his Batman movie currently stalled in London so that's not finished yet I guess so I don't think they were about two months into production and I had to shut down yeah he says that he thinks they'll be be able to open up but it won't be until June twenty fifth next year next summer but in the first weekend of October next year October one the spot made famous by DC's are rated joker Reeves said that once it's safe to resume production the plan is to finish the batsman in London instead of relocating a quarter of the film was shot Reeves is currently sifting through footage Bettman moves to date where both paramount twentieth century studios have untitled movie slated to go in there's a there's a movie version of the flash coming she is a M. two and the Basel Armand Sabah's Warman's untitled Elvis Presley movie starring Tom Hanks I I guess that was finished book pretty much by the time Hanks got the

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