The realities of coronavirus aid distribution


Stimulus money for the federal cares act was scheduled to start flowing tribes this month but there have been a few snakes. Currently the Treasury has yet to announce how they will distribute the entire eight billion tribal dollars in Corona Relief Funds Corona virus really funds but in addition the distribution of the money in the cares act is drawing considerable backlash from tribes over what they see as an inequities and it's becoming clear that a generous As the relief is it won't come close to some estimates for what is needed to spare tribes the worst of the damage To both public and health and local economies. One of the biggest fights in all of this is over aid going to Alaska. Native corporations a lawsuit filed by tribes and tribal organizations is on the table in federal court to try and stop the mill multibillion dollar for profit entities from getting money they say is intended for federally recognized tribes and of course Alaskan Native Corporation say otherwise today. We'll get more perspective on that but we'd also like to hear from you. What do you think about all of this or even eight billion dollars set aside for tribes? The number to join us is one eight hundred nine nine. Six two eight four eight. That's also one eight hundred nine nine native today. We're GONNA start off in Alaska Mike Williams. He is a tribal chief of the AC EAC native community and he is Our pleasure to have him here with us. Chief Williams. Welcome good to be here. Thank you end Mike There seems to be a lot of shifting and changing when it comes to all of this including a hearing that took place this morning and anything you can report to us on the latest of what you heard in that hearing this morning. Well I got up five o'clock this morning and got in Alaska time at five thirty and And listen to the hearing this morning and and and I think success that I've heard this morning is That judge denied the DOJ from Extension to Monday and The schedule will be extended for twenty four hours only and And I heard that. Doj's brief Do this evening at five. Pm and And their reply will be Tomorrow noon and And the hearing begins tomorrow afternoon And you know things could change along the way. But that's what I heard this morning into Mike would actually is up in the air I think The dishes in for the Treasury to decide to into the Alaskan native corporations In Culver Nineteen money And that is in Dispute Right now and And that's what I'm hearing. And that's what's in there in. So Mike would was the justification that the the OJ used for wine and extension. What was it they were still working on. I am not sure I think Concerns that We have Was that The deadline is on Sunday. The April twenty six to distribute the money to the tribes and If there is an extension there's questions of That money You know Is who would be in question and But You know we're happy. That's judge I did not extended to Monday in for you Mike. If it were extended beyond Sunday what would that mean to you? Would you say that the government has not filled its obligation? Yes I think With the Emergency situation that we are in With the covert nineteen starring in our face that It's That money has to Land to the hands of tribal governments to fight this pandemic. That is Threatening are Community residents Right now we have seen And heard the stories of my grandmother In the pandemic of nineteen eighteen where there were mass deaths in ack-ack and other villages here and mass burials and that left a lot of orphans In our villages here and that didn't stop there with TB TB epidemic and but it's staring in our face and we cannot Delay that all that measures to To get to our tribal governments

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