Why Food Is More Powerful Medicine Than Drugs with Maggie Ward


Tell us a little bit about this first patient that you've had that you wanted to share a little bit about what their struggle with a rate. You know these this case I picked it because it's fairly common to what we see. I mean we see a little bit of everything especially the ultra wellness center but it gets a kind of common theme especially for people that come to see me just burned nutritional nutritionist. So this woman she says sixty four year old woman who I've been working with for a while Dealing with a weight gain. That was one of her main concerns. I mean mild about twenty pounds overweight and it came on around menopause for her ambitious. Had a very long history of reflects had been onto our birthright Harper Harper now called reflects the whole industry of drugs and it's like the third most commonly prescribed class of drugs out there with the acid blocking drugs. Little Per Bay right and many you can get right now over the counter to some people are taking it. You know even without a doctor's prescription and You know sometimes needed for short term but unfortunately a lot of people have been these medications a long time and I think you know we see the the negative impact that so much at our center so she in a shed a long history of the reflex in also dealing with lower energy She's been on many diets which we hear so often people come to us trying many many different things in the common theme here as the way beating. This wasn't sustainable. And obviously we use the word. Diet you know just to kind of have that language. But I really don't like that word because I think we tend to think of food is lacking white. We're either on a diet off diet and initially might be asking people to walk a kind of a finer line with the food choices to get them dealing better winter but ultimately eating whole foods. Kind balancing those macronutrients eating every maybe four hours once you. You're eating during the day. I mean those are things that you Kinda WanNa make your lifestyle and that's ultimately what we really talked about is. How do you make the sustainable reflects cases so common? You know the number one reason that people go to the doctor in America is for digestive problems and reflexes. Right up there among them. So what are the causes that you see Maggie for Harper and reflex which is so common in our patient population in the country? I think it's multiple things. I mean from a dietary standpoint when we know a lot of the foods that can cause indigestion. Reflux dairy is a gluten so big one so we do a lot focusing on taking out those foods at might be more more irritant to the guide in front like allergies true allergies may be sensitivities were sensitivities. Exactly I mean. People do definitely have true allergies by at what we see is just different ways your immune system can react even intolerances where you just don't digest the food while dairies. A good example that were lactose eventually gives everyone issue and it can cause things that reflects in voting gas. So that stuff's subway gonNA mean obsolete working with providers doing more testing around breath testing and stool tests and get a sense of disposes. It's a very common thing that we see. What's this bio suit me as win your bacteria's at a balance in your body and also can often be in the wrong plates in your usual right right in your gut. Many people what we see they had small Hessel. Bow Overgrowth what we call the CBO bacteria and even used to move further up into the Upper Gi and doubling caused a lot of distress. They're normally normally. There's a lot of bacteria in your lower intestine. Your but not so much in your small intestine you've got twenty. Two feet of small intestine starts at the end of your stomach. In when the bacteria migrate up for different reasons motilal issues low magnesium strasse whatever you end up with this overgrowth of bugs in small intestine and someone. The food hits there it should be. It should be sterile. But when activity in there? They they go to town right. They go to town and they ferment. The starchy foods that you're eating and you get this thing called the food baby. Everybody knows that that is you eat. And you get this bloating. This come for That's called CBO. Which very horrible condition it. So many people suffer from right right and that's still people I mean. All bacteria produce gas. It's one thing it's down your coal in any current lease it when it's in your upper gi making 'cause a lot of discomfort so we see that a lot anything that is again a big a big issue with the reflux also mobility issues. I work with a lot of people talking about how you eat slowing down chewing food while doing some deep belly breathing before you eat. Takhar relax bagel nerve that runs along the whole digestive track. I think that goes a long way. I've had multiple people. Tell me just by slowing down and chewing. Better reflects gone on a lot of. What was your stress sympathetic? Nervous system is your fight or flight nervous system and one of the things does is shut down your digestive system because when you're running from a sabertooth tiger you don't want to be digesting your food. You want all the blood to build your muscles and and be able to run as fast. You can't so that's what happens when you eat under stress and this is this is why these practices. You're talking about deep breathing. Taking pause called. Take five take take five breasts before every meal and see what happens It's a very powerful reset in fact what was interesting when I was writing my book. Ultra metabolism. I found that there was this paper that showed that the sympathetic nervous system attack connects to the fat cells. So this is the stress response And and when you're stressed it inhibits the fat cells metabolism so literally slows your metabolism so being stressed literally Metabolism make you gain weight

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