Jobless claims jump another 4.4 million


Labor department just out with its latest numbers on unemployment across the country last week another four point four million people filed for first time unemployment benefits adding to the twenty two million people currently out of work it means in the past five weeks a total of twenty six million Americans have found themselves either laid off or furloughed and that still doesn't include those who haven't been able to log on to state unemployment sites this represents by far the largest streak of US job losses ever on record this month some economists think the unemployment rate could reach a twenty percent again nearly four and a half million more Americans filing for jobless benefits according to the labor department this is been a special report from ABC news I'm sherry Preston nine oh to the coronavirus responsible for over forty more deaths in South Florida the Florida department of health announcing twenty more yesterday each in Miami Dade and Broward for more deaths in Palm Beach county Miami Dade state high death toll climbing to two hundred fifty two and statewide sixty deaths were reported yesterday Florida will soon be able to increase the number of code nineteen tests that can be processed per day by eighteen thousand after the state signed contracts with two new testing companies come around his chances in dissipates we'll be able to provide results within a two day period these tasks that these labs will primarily be where we send our samples that we collect in the long term care and assisted living facilities and at the community based walk up sites and governor Ron DeSantis says that these walk up testing sites will be in Miami Dade Palm Beach orange Hillsborough Duval and Leon counties nine oh three Broward county teacher is in need of life saving help to beat the corona virus fox trail elementary Stephanie Miller is is on on a a ventilator ventilator at at memorial memorial west west hospital hospital her her mom mom says says a a plasma plasma donation donation from from a a recovered recovered patient patient is is needed needed those those interested interested in in donating donating plasma plasma can can contact contact one one blood blood more food dot drives are taking place today our own mobile Mike is out of the U. S. manor academy in Hialeah he's been hosting a luncheon for hospital worker exactly link clinic in Weston feeding South Florida is out and about just all over the place they're hosting a food drive from now until eleven at mills pond park in fort Lauderdale in Hialeah they're a good look Park City and Miami holding a drive thru only distribution and ultra down that the Catholic Church from ten to one and the city of north Miami has went from ten to one also at the Joe Celestin center in the fifteen hundred block of north west one hundred thirty fifth street and small business relief bills being voted on in the house this morning after sailing through the Senate the bipartisan measure will pump more than four hundred billion dollars into a popular small business loan fund that's run dry southwire congresswoman Debbie McChrystal pal says the bill provides three hundred ten billion for small businesses fifty billion for disaster landing seventy five billion for hospitals and health care workers and we've also secured twenty five billion for testing which is the key to re opening the economy and resuming our lives she says she's working with banks and lenders providing assistance so that they're ready to process applications as quickly as possible no word yet how long it'll take for the money to be doled out Sino foreign tonight is a must see TV for sports fan even though there's no timetable for football to return to the field of the NFL is going through with a virtual draft it'll be different we're ready to go Miami dolphins general manager Chris Greer says because a social distancing coaches in upper management will be in different draft rooms urgency about this process if and start the day with fourteen picks in the seven rounds including the fifth overall aircraft Regis news radio six ten WYO D. sun five universal Orlando plans to use modern technology to help it reopened safely universal exact John Sproule says that doubt they didn't actually say when the park will reopen but when it does yeah that virtual line technology will be used to enforce social distancing guidelines virtual line technology is already used at volcano bay to minimize the amount of time someone has to wait in line and spouse wants to to expand it to as many attractions as possible also adding that when the park first reopens there may be restrictions on how many people are allowed inside chipotle is now donating burritos to those fighting corona virus just buy a burrito on the website or app and add the code the number for heroes that's the number four followed by the word hero is in all caps each time that happens the restaurant will donate a burrito to health care workers coronavirus it's affected all of us we want to hear from you please go to W. I. O. T. dot com complete our quarantine survey we promise it short I'm Natalie Rodriguez Jimmy all right thank you marker puto political reporter for politico gives his thoughts on the race the president of course Joe Biden that is straight ahead at nitro dragon identities radio sixty MW I owed a as for the publication of finding what you need to know at the top and thirty minutes fast newsradio six ten W. Y. O. 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