Depression Loves Junk Food


Hello and welcome to this week's edition of the Green Wisdom Health show. I'm John Lewis. And I'm Dr Louis and we are going to talk to you today about depression. Don't we sound excited about it The name of this show is called. Depression loves junk food and the reason we chose this for all of you out there listening is because we know a lot of you guys are very depressed and we realized that the more depressed. You are the more junk food. You're eating and sadly more the junk food restaurants are open because a good restaurants are not open as of yet in many states so We're kind of left with the drive-thrus now and so Dr Lewis is going to tell us today. About how that correlates. He's going to educate us a little bit about something called biofilms which Many of you probably not heard of. But they're actually one of the causes as to why you want to eat some bad food so it's not all in your head and we're going to help you make sense of it and we're going to help give you a plan to help you make better choices. So Dr Lewis. Can you put all this together for us to teach us about biofilms? You know and I think part of the reason we're doing this show is because you know we're in the middle of this too and it seems like ever since we ate a Brownie. That was not gluten free. And it had all the regular bad steph in it we've been craving more and more junk and we've been feeling worse and worse mentally so we thought with it's happening to us and we should know better We definitely need to educate you guys. So you have a clue as to what's going on with you so Dr Lous pull us out of the whole Pulis. Neal is go down a rabbit hole. Pull out of the rabbit hole and get us back to health and happiness and eating correctly. Well Pete Pete up in Missouri Concordia I think Columbia Concordia. He said I wish you'd just quit talking about rabbit holes. Just get to it so sorry. Pete can't do it. I don't know I re- I refuse to go down there. You know to into depression because I come from a family of very negative depressed people and it's like I'll be damned if I'm going to do that. I dislike. I see what they get you. I'm GonNa have fun and I finally figured out that I'm old and my sleep. Somebody said why do you know you're GonNa die in your sleep? Said because I'd fat at son of a gun trying to take me awake so we're going to have fun at the s There there's a lot that I really really really want to say and you know thinks about it. Is You know just? I don't even know you know we live in an illusion or delusion that we think we can control things and because the Internet makes us really really intelligent not really doesn't it makes you somewhat educated but it makes you an educated fool so we think more knowledge gives us more understanding which gives us more control and it really doesn't so during this time. I'm GonNa tell you what you can't control. You can't control whether somebody else follows the social distancing roles you can't control the actions of others feel like I'm Jeff Foxworthy If you can't control predicting what will happen you might be a redneck. You can't control other people's motives you can't control the amount of toilet paper in the store God is going to be fun. You can't control how long this is going to last and I personally think it's ninety percent crap bowl but that's me Join shooting straight with Dr Lewis and you can see me and my mask. It's made out of crown rule bag and yes. I emptied to sucker and gained three pounds. So That's how much OB- stressed eight because I'm guilty but you can't control how other people react so the the things you can't control a little matter at least I tell people you can't control that you can influence a lot of things you can always control your positive attitude. You can make that. You can turn off the news which it'd be really fun. If everybody did it would get over there. Salama quickly Feet you can find fun things to do at home and Janet just rolls her eyes when I bought another bucket of weird colored pint sock start paint rocks with grandkids. You can control whether you follow the CDC recommendations or not but you do control that you can't control others. You can limit your social media if itch negative unfriendly which there's two or three. I'm thinking about unfriendly but I think that helps me practice my Christianity WanNa deal with idiots such as one or two or three You can control your own social distancing if you think that is really a thing but most importantly you can control whether you're graceful and kind to other people and then and that's what I think we need. More of this is kindness so We'll talk a little technical stuff If you'd like anti I'm sorry my smart Alexa Way out today. Don't believe everything you think. Sometimes it's gone through the wrong map the wrong filter so We won't talk about bow films a little bit. I guess. That's what Janet you know. What is about them while the people have done the consult with me? I'll tell them. Well you're chlorides little on the low side your proteins a little low and if you don't die digest protein you cannot digest bow films and you have what we call a stealth pathogenic usually is yeast fungus buyers. Whatever it can be a lot of different things. But they these little micro organisms organisms they adapt and mutate. And so you have to have certain things that can allow you to get past the bow film and kill the infection and yes your body knows how to do it. It just needs the raw materials in in order for that to happen. So you know when I'm practicing I try to be integrative and holistic which you know that's really really a good thing to be. I don't think a reductionist Way of looking at things has gotten us very far but sometimes when a patient comes in they feel like they have no power at all and they're they're struggling with something they don't understand. Try to get it simple for them. I say well. It's too many toxins not enough nutrients one or the other or both and I get a lot of people when they consult with made that cry and I'll say I'm sorry. Did I say something to hurt? Your painless Nice. And now you're the first one that listened to in acts like you understand what Janet and I've gone through this stuff to people that complain about fatigue brain fog. I love it when I say brain fog. I know exactly what to do And it gets most of them Great Relief and that's the been photo man you've heard me talk about it and People that talk about digestive complaints. Well it's digestive enzymes and you need these things to help. Cut The bow FEM and two more properly in more Thoroughly Digest your food so that does not go down and create leaky gut. I'm mentioned a whole lot of different supplements and there's always somebody won't to hook onto Janet and my train and somebody said the other day. Well you know you said this and this and this about immune system and I would like to introduce my article about bovine colostrum and that helps immune system to. I'm not GonNa let that particular person get on our train and ride it but yes boven colostrum works. I take it. We have it here. You probably never heard me talk about it but if you're not taking SBI which is a bovine derived immunoglobulin. You're missing the boat. I don't care what you've got the ought to be thrown that stuff in your body every day You heard me talk last week. I don't know what we were talking about. Might have been sugar diabetes. Whatever and I said too much. Sugar Equals fewer vegetables equals. Less zinc equals. Poor taste equals more sugar. That's the vicious cycle that we get into and I think that's GONNA lead into why sometimes we get on this junk food journey and that helps feed the things that create bow films like the Candida Fungus. There's actually a book that says cancers of Fungus by Dr Simon Seaney and frankly it's kind of rare to get a book that just blows me away intellectually disguise. What the heck over my head. But I think if I had a bad cancer. I think I'd go see him at Rome Italy but read the book Cancers a fungus in the nurse. You know plenty of research. Studies like out of Johns Hopkins at talks about sugar can contribute greatly to creating cancer because it feeds the yeast fungus and these bow films are not broken down. So how do you break down? Abou- him well one thing you do. Is You take digestive enzymes. Because it has the things to break them down.

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