Update From the Road April 14

Over the Road


And Hey everyone we'll be back with episode five on Thursday but today we wanted to give you another update last time we checked in. We were telling you about some of the hardship that truckers were going through out here over the road but today we want to tell you about some of the good things that are going on. My name is Stephanie. Hope and I'm the owner of lucky steer so in the middle of last week denise and I wheeled in to the lucky steer restaurant and what can at Ohio It's a family restaurant. Sixties era brick building. My Dad started with this company when it was fifteen years old when it was a chain and it came down to just one with left this particular unit was the last one standing and he purchased that when he was ready to retire. I took over and bought the restaurant from him. So it's IT'S GONNA staple in this community. I mean we've been here since sixty five sixty six. I think the building was built. We decided to stop because we seen post from a trucker. We knew that was touting. This steakhouse and the fact that they were letting trucks come in. I know we've had at least five on the lot at one time. And we don't were hesitant. We don't really want to go in. Because their signs carry out. Only I sorta half open the door and looked in there and lady came up and met us and I had my money out was getting ready to give it to her and she goes no. It's free so a few days later. I called the restaurant and talk to the owner. So Stephanie I I was just blown away that you wouldn't take my money The other day what. What's up with that well When this all started One of the big problems we were gonNA have is we were gonNA. We knew we were going to have to throw out a lot of food. If we didn't use it quickly. And my general manager had called me and said you know I hear that the truckers are having a really hard time eating on the road and is there anything that we could do for them and I said you know what we're going to offer them forty percent off so we decided to do that and only the very first trucker paid and from that point on we have gotten so many donations from across the US that everyone after that has been completely and totally free. Yes we we were just overwhelmed with the people calling in saying I want to donate. I want to donate. I want to donate or a local volunteer firefighter. Company has donated pies right down to yesterday or local girl scout troop dropped off a whole box of. I don't know how many different boxes of girl scout cookies to get to the truckers for free. Sure we try to carry our own food and you know we have means of preparing if we need to but you know after about five days of that. Rib aisher tasted good. I'm so bad. And when this thing went viral. How is that like because I mean it it did go viral for you on? Social Media. It did I well. The funny thing was when I made that post. I didn't even post that. We were in Ohio. So we we've had people from Texas from Georgia to know. There are so many people out there that are appreciate it gives you a little a little faith in humanity. Again we We don't see that kind of kindness all the time and and I just WanNa thank you for that. Oh I'm glad you enjoy your trip here. And and that your food was good and and Grad we hope you wow Melia. I'll be back perfect. Perfect okay. Well we'll we'll sign off for now and thanks again for for talking to us a good day but by

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