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Z Flip's 'Ultra Thin Glass' display


The Galaxy. Flip a glass phone. Yes or no yes but not the part you touch. Why and what how is it has Samsung calls it? Ultra thin glass and they've trademarked it and they call. I think they actually call it. Samsung Ultra thin glass but it is made by a third party. Company in eight is actually very very thin flexible glass. But it is so thin and so- dainty delicate that you have to cover it with a polymer sheet. It's the exact same polymer sheet that they use on the fold so the part. You're touching with your finger isn't glass after all. It's glass underneath that right. Okay so the question here is why would Samsung cover a glass screen? Which would extensively be more resistant to scratches than plastic? Why would they cover it with a what amounts to a screen protector? Yup well got everybody's gotta remember to. This is all speculation because Samsung is not gonNA go out on and say why they did this. They're going to tell you that it's still really great and a lot of people I've talked to that are using the phone. Now agree that it. It does somehow feel better than the fold That may be the construction or whatever but the glass itself is so thin that if you dang it it's GonNa literally just shatter and fall out and it's GonNa be a mess that nobody would want to deal with. There's just no way you can release a product that could even potentially dangerous right so it's Samsung is hedging. Here right. Yeah they're saying this glasses thirty microns in diameter which is basically. It's it's a thinner than a human hair right For for those of you who still have human hair and it's. It's likely not to be scratched as badly when you run your finger or you know You know put it in a in a pocket or something with keys or your clothes. That's not actually the concern here but like say you can't really scratch it as easily as a as a plastic screen but it's easily punctured because it is just literally so thin. Yup So let's install a plastic protector over it. Let's then shield the edges of that screen protector with a massive basil so that no dust can get under it the way that it did initially on the galaxy s or the galaxy fold and people won't mistake it for a screen protector you can remove and then let's market the phone as covered with glass and they're not say that there is a plastic screen protector on it until somebody tears and down and finds it which they had to know that somebody was instantly gonna find out it was plastic. That's the part that puzzles me. As did they really think they were? GonNa get away with you. Know calling in glass phone I I mean here's the thing right. What other option did they have none? That's I don't know I can't blame them for what they did They they used glass. Maybe just so they could say they used glass. Or maybe they WANNA see how this works as a trial for their next idea but there really is no way they could release that phone without the plastic on on the top right and then if you decide to you can go to a break fix store and get a another screw protector professionally. Installed on top of the existing one rush. I think is pretty hilarious. So then you'd have a glass screen under who plastic screen protectors. Yeah obscure the the thing that I find really funny about it. Is that aside from scratch protection? Glass is clear. I mean the reason we use glass on phones is because of its its clarity and the fact that it passes electrical signal through really well. It's it's nice and conductive it's just. It's a perfect material for phones other than the fact that it can shatter because really I don't think scratches are a problem on current day phones right like you could scratch phones. You can gouge them but not in the way that you can. Scratch her gadget. Plastic screen right. Everybody listening if you could look at your phone in the right light right now. It's got a lot of super to really tiny scratches in it but nothing that you can even see. It's not like things used to be. So they've got glass down pretty good. You know the the companies that make it big names like corning and And it it feels good. Let's let's not forget that part it. It feels good to use glass. If you've got a touchscreen et unit your car that has a a plastic covered crappy display touch display on it. You know you hate that thing but your phone feels good. Because it's capacity of glass display exactly and by now we just take it for granted. We don't think about it you. We we recommend screen protectors for people who tend to drop their phones right and it's not necessarily because of scratches it's because you know the the trade off that corning has to make every time it designs a new gorilla. Glass is do we emphasize scratch resistance or do we emphasize drop protection and shatter resistance absolutely. It's really hard to balance those things and right now with gorilla glass six. I think we're we're we're at the emphasis on drop protection over scratch resistance yea. I'm sure that it's still a lot more scratch resistant than phones of ten years ago. But I do know enough from just talking to people at corning that it is actually a set of balance beams the harder you make it to scratch the more brittle it is and it will easy more easily break. So that's that's what they just like. You said they have to balance that out because a the thing I guess it's a chemical treatment they do. It's it's proprietary smart on them but You know whatever they do to make it more scratch resistant also makes it more brittle so it's tough and again. This is not Samsung's fault. I applaud Samsung for going so confidently into its second generation. A foldable phones right. There's no other company that is using ultra thin glass right now not Ganz. The the Motorola Razor is a shining example of kind of relying on An overly complicated design but not focusing on the fundamentals to kind of ruin the experience. And you know. I'm not saying that as somebody who spent a lot of time with the phone but the people that have reviewed the Motorola Razor. I trust and most of them say that. It's just not a good experience from the creaky hinge to the plastic display to you. Know the just the the design that they had to design around the fact that it was foldable. And they you know they maybe didn't do as good a job as they could just to keep it thin and and and relatively light. Yep I agree with you. The people I've talked to the one great thing about it is the the wow factor. Everybody wants to look at it but day to day used. It's just not a great phone

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Z Flip's 'Ultra Thin Glass' display

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