Reel News: The Invisible Man


Light and Kevin Carr is with us with a look at the new movie the invisible man so I saw the trailer Kevin it doesn't look like the old Claude rains or the more recent Kiefer Sutherland version of the invisible man story good morning Michael yes this is a brand new interpretation of the invisible man obviously based on the original idea H. G. wells original book from over a hundred years ago but like you said it's it's not exactly the same thing you get with the Claude rains version although that's probably one of my favorite ones even holds up today in this one it takes a different approach to the story where instead of it just being a person who used chemicals to turn himself invisible and go insane which is what the original story is it's about a woman who's in a toxic relationship an abusive relationship and when she tries to escape her abusive husband her diesel has been finds a way to tracker and stalker while being invisible and of course everybody else thinks she's going insane so they approach it less is a science fiction peas and more as a thriller or a horror movie and I think that's interesting because I think they give it a different angle gives a new perspective Elizabeth moss please a woman she was a really fantastic job acting and overall I I think it's good it's like I said it's it's it's a different offshoot of different way this person becomes invisible but I think it's certainly worthy of the original idea the H. G. wells had of somebody in saying who you can't see how many how many goose bumps are we giving the invisible man you know I'm surprised by one of my favorite invisible man's movies and over eighty years so I'm gonna give it four out of five stars I really enjoyed it well how many goosebumps so goose bumps I don't know I

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