Guests evacuated after boat at Disney World takes on water


Disney world that today in Orlando today the boat took on some water but everybody was okay because it's not real water and it's probably about a foot it's often develop but Twitter had a field day is funny to you know we condemn Walt Disney World for allowing a boat to sink at their jungle cruise attraction they put their guests and dangerous so many carnivorous animals along the shores because it was the the animatronic tiger why we love when roller coasters go awry this is a roller coaster but just an attraction goes awry this is built in nineteen seventy one he would like to be more instances of this but good and Disney world for having maybe there for I don't know if it's a first you go into their public record you probably had hundreds of times where these boats kinda sank but a jungle cruise boat on the jungle cruise ride the famed one where these this smart aleck tour guide pulls out his gun and he shoots at the hippo and or maybe it's a line I remember table then shoots the water almost gets yeah great ride great

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