How young were you I was twenty nine years old okay I'm so glad you're still here to tell you I think that


Maybe this is indicative of the strength of people in your condition they said no no you can't and you said oh yes I can watching me exactly exactly what yeah it really went even as a young adult you know sometimes I think about that don't give themselves enough credit to how strong they really are yeah people looked at me they're like oh my gosh I can't believe you're doing this and in my world in my eyes what was I doing I was fighting to live that's what I was doing right it's kind of basic right one would think but so many people will sit there and take that diagnosis and just sit down with and wallowing now I found two different ways that that I can either fight this or I'm gonna sit down and just take it in that I can't take it that's not acceptable yeah exactly you're in a position that you can help others yes you know on this and through this and beyond

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