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$9,000 Bitcoin Cleared, Here Is The Plan


On a really good mood goes on a really really good night. Why am I in really good mood? I hear you US health. Thanks for asking Good trying to say now I put a great trade out on tasers natural following me either on twitter facebook. Let's Craig called on Facebook by the way and you would have seen that video video out showing you how to use. Fta to raise a breakout. I also got video full. The breakout occurred that bracket went on to be profitable. Well done to anyone who took it now. I know the strategies Madonna. Expect you to take it because the last thing I will never want anyone to ever do is to follow someone blindly. That's why he tried to call. We have focused on making you the best trader. You can be hit empower you to make your own decisions so that you don't need someone like me kind of like when you go to university and you study something and then when you finish your studies you don't keep going back to university because you go to find a job usually in that field that you studied in and you continue to grow and learn until eventually you moss that skill set as well. It's the same thing with the education I provide. It's just a damn saw shaper added doesn't take as long. So what are we seeing across the markets will? I can tell you right now that Once again equities You know the ESPN and the why am will sort of the the the. Dow who hits pain all over the shop. It's pain all over the shop. Which is fine because lots of gaps and lots of lots of all sorts going on. It's not a market that I would have any interesting. I mean on the Intraday Charts. And they just hideous. That's why I'm focused on whip though we're above nine thousand now on. Bitcoin beauty beautiful. I can tell you right now. We've got some great trading opportunities. Today I mean you know. Bitcoin pushing above as a bitter resistance down there at rand on thousands actually seven one each depending on which exchange you looking at but It's a doozy and whiting for that. Oh my goodness and my wedding for that yes. I am a moving average incorrect. A really nice fanning. It's got a lot of what I need to do to try and look this week from a cell phone and is the that have come through in there in the community in the cloister committed to their education It's been a big wake of emotional control way. We really worked hard on that emotional control. And that's why we've got live trading floor. You can see this gains each day. That's what the communities there and that's why even if you don't allow trading floor the community but there's a huge section of the course of these specifically about how to manage that emotion how to shape your emotions in check because I know the people slip on that I mean we all do we all do it. It's big part of becoming a good tried and that's why I put so much emphasis on in the court so if that's the thing that you think you`re. Wakeham is emotional. Control Vote Dougie. Sit there and gave little sad sack Little Omay. Dondi something about it because we can help with that. 'cause we can definitely help and we also have one to one mentoring once you've done the course you know if anyone wants to do that his up so bitcoin looking really good now. We're not thousand one hundred ten dollars. Full percent absolute theorem rotten nesting at two-thirty full. Sort of the resistance at two thirty four nine tain it's up two point four six percent. I'm actually stalking that for long as I am on X. Pay which is sitting at twenty three point nine cents one point nine six percent. Bitcoin cash. Look it's not. It's a looking that guy but it's had a good day. I mean let's be honest. It's up five percent at three thirty six. Twenty five to forty to seventy one four point six two percent right now looking that grind. Not Looking tried somme anyway lot. I'd love to save pushy. Bit Hotter Fan moving averages out in the mid tie fighters but we're up three percent at sixty two dollars. Twenty one cents may belong to yours which has continued to be a little bit higher net of lot coming up four point five percent. Three dollars and seventy six cents is what you'll find. Their ball had a pretty good diet. Some keeps pushing on and Mugabe's moving averages fanning beautifully well for Christ if it was to pull back a little bit. We're at twenty dollars and eighty five cents back above that round number twenty good four point six one percent up Kaduna. Now I am looking for a trade here. I certainly am against perpetual contract on. Fta by the way if you wanted to get that if Dick's count please use my link because it does help us and it also helps. You negotiated to give you a discount. Ten percent you get a ten percent discount on trading face so it's It's in the emails to jump out of the jump onto the The mailing list though dig up my post from yesterday and you find the oldest amount admit try to COPE DOT COM. Kodama five point one four point eight percent theorin classic up three point one percent eight dollars and twenty cents on the Tronto random. Talk Ten currently up one point. Six three percent of one point eight cents and that is the top ten right now. Those web developers and social media advertising experts plays at email Adleman at try to call dot com. And you know if you have another closer than you want to. Perhaps that's the way to do you scratch our back. We'll scratch yours. Have a fantastic day and you know things are looking good guys just. Cape focused For those of you do know what you're looking for abstract Trading Strategy Wise. Just stick to your checklist guys. Stick T. A. CHECKLISTS. Were just today. The patience of the wake has been rewarded. A good profitable Did get days off. And today's lining up to be a day where we could potentially get some very good fill. Potentially on some very good moves that weekly candles looking very strong there on bitcoin. At the moment we still got a few days to guy but is applying at the plan as I. Thanks for taking over the last few wakes case. We've been talking about that pullback on a weekly back into that cradles on we're in that we have a bullish candle. Excuse me so far and we've got a few more days until it closes. We are looking a lot better positive. Big smiles take

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