How Tyson Fury Defeated Deontay Wilder In the Ring and Outside of It


Talking a little bit about this story that we got into in one of our episodes last week Where British box Tyson fury mistaken on American deontay wilder and we all know the from the last episode wilder claimed that he lost the fight because he had put on this big heavy suit of armor to hype the fight and his walk into the ring he had to wear this and it was a forty pound cost. You Mia no one bought it. Let's just say that. But he's sitting in heavy legs as a result. Basically a guy didn't want to give credit to his opponent. Yeah it'd be. It'd be a little different. It'd be a little different Steve. If it was a figure skater. Who said that to wear forty pounds thing or a gymnast fucking heavyweight boxer? You know carry four hundred pounds anyway. That's initially stupid. Go ahead yeah. So fury on the other hand Well his preparations for the fight. We're kind of interesting he. He actually boldly predicted he'd knocked wilder at within the first two rounds and he was right he did but he also revealed that his preparation for the fight is bizarre side. He wanted to keep his testosterone just absolutely pumping so we did a lot of things you didn't before he eight five six meals a day. He drank seven leaders of water. Any masturbated six seven times a day to keep his testosterone admitted that the keys to victory seven times a day. Good good well. They always do that thing. Jim Lampley does the tale of the tape in. Oh yeah here's a fury. Is this tall the ways this much ice from this area? He Masturbate seven times a day. I love to see that in a graphic. Yeah Hang on. Put another five hundred on the guy that last stat okay. Low loan up. Wow surely can't beat that. Where Steve Are you doing that like? You can't spend your whole day in a bathroom. There's gotTa be other places where he's at a restaurant going. Excuse me I'll be right back here. This soup was amazing. I've gotta go look at these seats in this car. I mean how do you fit in seven times a day Steve? How do you fit that? You pick up the mail here all my God. The color of this envelope is I gotta go. What are you doing? Oh my God. We're at a restaurant here. For God's sake stop it now. Don't question success this might be. This might turn into a thing now now that people know that this kind of thing helps you win. Fights could be thing. Yeah there you

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