NBA suspends season after player tests positive for coronavirus


I've enjoyed each and every moment of a goodie bags so if this is it this is all good at least I mean last basket that's a lan hawks player Vince Carter weighing in on what may have been his last game as an NBA player this comes after the NBA announced yesterday that all games are suspended for the remainder of the season because of the corona virus the decision was made after a Utah Jazz player preliminary least tested positive for the respiratory illness the tests come back shortly before the jazz and Oklahoma City were set to play that game was canceled Dallas Mavericks owner mark Cuban says he's fine with the NBA suspended games until further notice due to the spread of the corona virus this is people's lives at stake this isn't about basketball this isn't about the Mavericks this isn't about you know when do we start or do we start or how do we start this is this is a pandemic of global pandemic where people's lives are at stake tonight's NBA games will go on and the season will be suspended until further

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