Harvey Weinstein's attorneys ask for him to receive the shortest possible prison sentence


Thing all right Harvey Weinstein is asking the judge who will sentence him for mercy he's getting sentenced tomorrow he wants a five year prison sentence not be white privileges some of them have to judge judge I think that you should give me five minutes to another lawyer said since the New Yorker article was published in twenty seventy Mr why seems like has been destroyed his wife divorced him he was fired from the Weinstein company and is short he lost everything they said this fall from grace is perhaps unmatched in the age of social media and he also wants them to take into consideration his charitable contributions the money is given for the nine eleven firefighters and police officers and also for the Robin Hood organization and it has nothing to do with race they also feel like he might die if he has to stay there for five years but you know people die in prison every day that might be part of the story as well the Harvey Weinstein horror movie in the future that's that's good and all right well he is facing a maximum of twenty nine years in prison any sixty seven years old right now it was not about to get some serious time and he's asking for five years what aid getting sentence so he knows he's getting something on him but he's getting a lot you might be getting way more than five you're asking for five that's mercy then you must begin at least

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