The Love in the Time of Corona


We have this matter that we're following with alert interesting. Great concern a corona virus round up. If you will as part of an occasional series that we call the promised. Podcast ponders a fraction of our reactions to the viruses exactions including rabbis region. While gauging the contagion will begin our corona roundup with this Susan a physician gets from the regional coordinator of mcabe health services through a WHATSAPP group of healthcare providers constant updates about the corona virus usually announcements press and sometimes detailed memoranda about changing rules and procedures issued by the Ministry of Health as well as a report of each new reported cases of infection with so much happening so quickly over the past week or phone is basically constantly abuzz with a nearly steady stream of updates among them. She received this week a WHATSAPP message with the bold heading a clarification of health ministry procedures beneath which was this which I read in its entirety quote. The general public is instructed to avoid hugging kissing in any unnecessary contact with acquaintances. Ashkenazim continued to act as you always do end quote. Of course doctors are not the only ones on high alert as a result of the epidemic rabbis to our consider for instance the following six examples example one Ashkenazi chief. Rabbi Dovid Lao announced last week that owing to the potential spread of the virus. No one should kiss a Mizzou on a door frame which could easily become a vector. Lau said in a statement quote. There is no doubt that one should not kiss Missoula or touch it at all. It is enough for a person to think when he enters or leaves a room about what is written in the Mitsubish Ma prayer and that will accompany him on his way and quote. Rabbi Lau added that quote there is no commandment or obligation to kiss a missoula that is simply a custom with ancient roots. That became traditional end. Quote number two asked whether a person in home quarantine me fulfill the commandment of hearing the scroll of Esther read on Purim which we celebrated this week via facebook live or some other form of audio or video transmission via telephone. Rob Schlomo Avi Nair. The rabbi of Baked L. And the head of the Authority shall Sheva gave a long learning and very ambivalent answer that ended with this quote in Summary. One under quarantine out of fear of corona may fulfill his obligation to read the mcgilla and here the mcgilla by telephone or live video and may read alone at home from a Kosher Mikaela written by hand on parchment by authorize scribe. He is not obligated to chant but he must read without mistakes and quote three on Monday. A mostly virtual mass prayer vigil took place with a core of rabbis and yeshiva students. I R. L. At the grave of Shimon Borrego high on Mount Rhone live streaming. There live prayers Shimon Barrio. High was the second century disciple of Rabbi Akiva by tradition considered to be the author of the Zohar the Great Proto cabalistic book that is the lowest classes of Jewish mysticism. According to tradition Shimon Barrio high was sentenced to death by a Roman governor and he went on the Lam living for thirteen years in a cave near Dera sustained by dates and cabs alone by the time his self quarantine ended Shimon bar Yo high was riddled with disease but cured himself by bathing in the warm springs of Tiberius with makes him a patron rabbi of our president health crisis among the prayers available on a specially prepared Internet downloadable text on the knowsley called prayers to stop the plague passages from the Zohar Tim Psalms and more number four when asked by student weather. The Quote Dangerous Virus Corona symbolizes a prophecy or heavenly sign. Rabbi Zamir Cohen the author of the bestselling available on Amazon for thirty three ninety nine book the coming Revolution Science discovers the truths of the Bible and the founder of the Hebrew Institute said among

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