Harvey Weinstein to Be Extradited to Los Angeles Over Charges


Harvey Weinstein has been sentenced to New York to twenty three years in prison for sexually assaulting two women he faces additional charges in Los Angeles prosecutors in LA are wasting no time to bring wind Steen here to face more charges attorney Gloria Allred represents Weinstein victims I was in the New York courtroom when he was sentenced to a new day it's a new day for women to know that if you have courage there will be consequences for the predators to purchase Allred who represents one of the accusers in LA tells KNX she's looking forward to her client getting justice I'm hoping that extradition will take place as soon as possible and it doesn't appear to me that Mr one thirteen would have any good reason or argument to present to oppose extradition the sixty seven year old wine Steen could be looking at an additional twenty eight years if convicted on the rape charges in LA Karen Adams can extend seventy

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