The Most Important Lesson - Launch Life With Jeff Walker


So I spent a couple of days hanging out with being actually in his house right now. We're in a video shoot. This is where we're shooting course. It's going to be really cool. It's going to be on how to sow and you know I've been hanging out with Dean for well over. A decade just spent two days masterminding with him and then hanging out at his house. And the thing we are reflecting on this idea of self education in fact. I'm going to a whole series of blog videos and this because this idea of self education is so powerful. We are in a mastermind. There's about ten or twelve of us in the room and you look around and may were the some of the best smartest successful business people you could ever imagine and how many of us actually had college degrees. I my gases not that many and none of us had college degrees in marketing or business and yet we we collectively in that room it change the world and and and this idea that the matter who you are where you're at you can actually you can get a better education than the absolute best universities. There are is just mind blowing. It's absolutely mind blowing and and I've been in this for twenty five years. Don't know what was in the mid nineties when I first but Tony Robbins personal power to and that one thing that one purchase that I spent whatever one hundred twenty nine dollars or something for it. That was the start of everything. It wasn't the beyond and all the thing that gave me the graduate degree in business. In fact it wasn't about business at all but it taught me taught me a lot of great lessons but the mental lesson was no matter what I WANNA LEARN. There are other. There's someone else has already figured out. Who steps ahead of me and I go pay them and I can get that education. I don't need a degree. I don't need the depend on anyone me because education opportunities are absolutely amazing and now I ended up in that business. And we've got. We've got kids here. We've got dogs with muddy paws running around so we're in. This is a working house hilarious thing. We've got this fancy video. Said I'll sit up with two kids playing and everything that's the business we're in the business we're in is the business where you can have a life where you can have a lifestyle where you can have a family instill create a great business and great impact so you get here. Screw thrilling young girls in the background during video. But I looked around this room and his master and I have people that are shifting the world and we all educated ourselves in now. That's the business I've found myself in for the last twenty five years I started off educating people about the stock market in their finances and their investments and now since early two thousand five hundred teaching people how to build their business how to share their knowledge with the world so I I am as passionate about as this idea of self education and I want to do this video series for you. I'm just GonNa leave you with that because we are all every entrepreneur you are in the education business. I don't care if you're a hair stylist. I don't care if you have a pizza Ria. I don't care if you have a training business like I do. We are all in this business. I like to call it the wisdom business of sharing your experience your knowledge and helping people with that and I think you need to lean into that and you if you're going to have this type of business if you don't have any kind of business you need to know marketing and you need to know sales and that's actually the Dean and our shooting of course sales because Dean is one of the best people I know at selling from a place of passion and I'm like the person who was like the last person in the world you would ever suspect but have any degree of success at sales and yet here. I am tens and tens and tens of millions of dollars sales later

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