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Bitcoin Humble As The World Crumbles


That's what I'd you're not long equities because We sing some very extraordinary things going on in global markets at the moment. Now show it. Most of you are wear. Unless you're like man you very head-in-the-sand We have some extraordinary moves out the in traditional markets of course in country driveway. We so one of the biggest move I believe at the same down. Seven point three percent of an autism pre-trading right now on the futures market would down about five percent as I speak to demand up. Now this is very very serious okay. Most markets globally rotten now down about twenty percent from their highs. This is significant this is GMC style activity. This is people losing jobs. This is companies going bust This is a knock on effect in the property process. Most likely based on potential unemployment figures that come out to the increasing most likely again not. I'm not saying that that has happened just yet but that knock on effect tends to roll into other sectors little bit by little bit by a little bit and it doesn't have an effect across the entire financial spectrum. Now one thing I can say is that you know. A lot of the market is screaming. Corona vars Corona Corona vars But avars itself doesn't make a mock full like this show the main issues in deal in a cold supply lines. I understand that we haven't sane. You know some. It hasn't other taking flu as far as how many fatalities mandate hasn't done anything significantly. Horrendously bad just yet so. There's nothing that suggests that this is purely driven by one particular vars. I'm not downplaying. How serious that Vars Really but what I'm saying here. Is this a face to be the straw that broke the camel's back when comes to markets Wave Sandy Levin Year Bull Run Signed for very long time to a lot of friends and family that You know it's not sustainable. Markets dined. Go Up ever mock. It won't go up forever. They kicked on going up and I kept on going up by look things like cutting interest rates. That's certainly what we've done here in Australia down on the US has done in. Europe is what they've done just about all over the globe then we saw quantitative easing as well which was basically carried through the cargo financial crisis in two thousand seven nine. Now if you recall back then we had interest rates in Australia at seven percent and I think in the US something like four and a half five something something equal you know. Relatively high at that point they had plenty stimulus options to stimulate growth and spending within the economy. What are they gonNa do this time around? We darn have interest rates to cut a further you know. Let's be realistic with just about flat out. Don with interest rates we We could all print money a guy but that could cool is some pretty serious inflation and you know if anybody's being out there in the job market for wall even working you'll understand that some most places we haven't seen Job a pile paramount's employment rights go up The the right of inflation for many people. So you'll dull now goes less far than it used to. So that's also an issue as well on a little bit concerned about what they're going to do at the mind their blood in the streets we say the Esol the S&P five hundred down seven point six percent. That's a big big move. We sold the I. S. X. Down Seven point three percent that is also a very big move. We saw oil come off thirty percent. That is massive as well so we do appear to have somewhat of a perfect storm now. I relate that to bitcoin down two point full but tentacles yesterday. I lost twenty four hours. Was I very large moved? Ten percent ish bonds descent now bonds attending percent. That is huge over the last few weeks. Now that's a market that tends to have daily range of about half a percent Max. A one percent cattle is considered to be a big daily candle when you look at bond market percent in a few weeks. Unprecedented MASSES LOST MOVES. Like that was back in the JC. So we do have the perfect storm. We do have a lot of the signs that this could get a lot worse before it gets up and we do have bitcoin down two point four percent now. Couple of scenarios feed. You can sit up one. Those that are in Bitcoin. Have some money left. The that are in there that have negotation portfolio that are also tried equity inequities sells them bitcoin to cover margin cool Losses or dependent mortgage for example. That's one example. The other one is that we have a little bit of a rough raw and on Bitcoin for little wall and then all of a sudden the fish does continue to get worse and Bitcoin doesn't plunge as high at the same rate of knots as well. The market's do then. We could actually have. Bitcoin become somewhat off. I apply swift. People start to consider storing a little bit of the portfolio just to keep some of it over there now if that was to occur and that momentum was to pick up wait could have a good opportunity now as far as down saw potential for Bitcoin. It's always there. It's a new asset cost. Could it continue to full yet? Could the whole world continue to sell? Sell Sell Sell. Sell everything trying. Join the best to lock in cash in a bank. That probably won't let them take it hat. We've seen that happen before. We've cash limits a think it was in India. Recently they said yes you can buy that. Put cash limits on what we could withdraw. If I read that correctly. So Kate Your Eyes. Down Don buy into the hysteria. It's happening but look for this Nikki. Facts look for the things out there that actually Happening is their policy. Changes is the bans is the you know. What are they doing now? Orla talking about what are they doing? And we'll see how it goes without Markelle county couldn't thousand eight hundred forty nine dollars down two point four percent a theory one hundred ninety seven dollars and fifty six percent holding its ground to some support level there at around that one ninety four thirty five it's it's only down one point one percent next up as down. Sorry sorry its up. Point four percent coming off some supporters. Well a lot of there. Nineteen point nine cents. It's twenty cents. Bitcoin cash to sixty eight dollars. Thirty CENTS DOWN ONE POINT. Seven six percent on the died as under two hundred now just kept throw at one ninety seven white. It's it's flat on a diet. Low Point forty nine dollars and fourteen cents. It is David folded. I three point nine percent af three dollars on the nose down one point. Two three percent on a bond sixteen dollars and thirty nonsense is down. Two point. Eight nine percent as we speak. Cod is broken through that support. Well and truly now. That support was four and a half cents. It's now sitting down there full. Since flat. Danforth went to two percent moving onto a classic. It is the biggest movie in the top. Ten to five point eight percent optimum on actually a little pool buck into my four hour cradles for potential tried to get control short. You can try short if you not have. That's what we do and this is why we do it. It's up six percent six Tron. Renting it adds up point six percent at one point. Four seven cents as I speak to you right now and These trading strategies To teach you try long will short so you need not worry about what the market does if you can act if you can try you.

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