Thirty K. and SS Wichita is number one talk


Secretary of HHS will be able to immediately waves provisions of applicables laws and regulations to give doctors hospital all hospitals and health care providers maximum flexibility to respond to the virus as for testing capability as the administration says more drive through testing locations will be launching across the country what we're doing right now is getting the private sector involved the companies that make a living doing these tests Dr Anthony Fauci with the national institutes of health the president himself says he will most likely get a test after repeated exposure to the virus as the rest of the world ramps up protections against the virus China is easing lockdown measures in its hardest hit region where the number of new cases has dwindled to Iraq where more rockets have been fired at a military base housing U. S. troops at this time no word on casualties an attack earlier this week killed two Americans the Pentagon responding with airstrikes against Iranian backed militias America's listening to fox news no rain in the forecast until Sunday night and Monday when low pressure and a cold front move in but it will be gusty this weekend when close to forty miles an hour this afternoon mid sixties and partly sunny clear tonight in mid forties windy tomorrow partly cloudy in mid sixties this is K. and SS meteorologist Steve Hamilton can you turn to first for live team coverage of breaking news ninety eight seven and thirteen thirty K. and SS Wichita is number one talk in the battle against the corona virus a company claims that its product kills the corona virus and keep the area safe for a month the carnival paradise left Tampa up loaded with spring breakers our parents are kind of worried

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