Cruise industry takes hit as State Department issues warning


The state department's warning U. S. citizens especially those who have underlying medical issues should not go on cruises due to the heightened risk of contracting the coronavirus The Washington Post Brittany Shammas spoke with como's Jeff Poe July what is been the reaction from the cruise lines and hadn't on made a whole lot of public comment yet about their they kind of they're emphasizing the fact that they had actually a meeting with vice president pence over the weekend where the U. S. electric lines are trying to work together to figure out some kind of solution to keep passengers safe and healthy aboard the ship so their reaction so far has been kind of queue you know points to that meeting and to say that they are you know looking to keep on growing operation zero you know a partnership with the government they also has stressed the fact that there is not restriction on travel for people that want to go they they still can if they want to but what can exit what exactly can the state department in force so you know they can put out these advisories where they tell people you know we we don't think they could idea for you to go right now but at this point you know they're not they're not actually prohibiting people from going there just saying you know we don't think it's a good time for you to do this at this point and then what should you do if you already have a crew scheduled so our understanding is that some of the cruise lines are offering re found refined or they're offering people you know the opportunity that if they want to re schedule Q. maybe later this year that they can do that I have also heard that does that thank you to still go through with their created might have the opportunity to get some upgrades you know if they if they do go on the set but I think you know there's gonna be people that that see this and maybe decide not to go at this point whose line stocks tumbled today along with everything else but they were hit particularly hard with these companies be able to survive I think it's a huge industry and that's an important industry for South Florida and so you know I think there's a lot riding on industry and I've been around for a long time so yeah we'll see it all right that's pretty famous reporter for The Washington Post joining us on the komo news

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