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Has ordered GM to start making


The company had announced its own plans the president accuses GM of wasting time and in a statement he says the matter is too urgent to allow for the normal give and take of the federal contracting process prior to this Mr trump said he'd rather use the threat of invoking the law as leverage comparing the use of the defense production act to that nationalization of American industry on Capitol Hill the motion is adopted Congress passed a two trillion dollar relief package and send it on to the oval office where the president signed off on it CBS is Paula Reid has details from the White House the law provides billions in loans and grants to small and large businesses a new poll shows a third of Americans say they or a family member has been laid off the government will send checks to most individuals up to twelve hundred dollars double for couples and an additional five hundred dollars for each child the hardest hit state continues to be New York governor Andrew Cuomo the number of deaths were up to five hundred nineteen in New York that's up from three hundred and eighty five that is going to continue to go up and that is the worst news that I could possibly tell the people of the state of New York

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Has ordered GM to start making

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