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Continue tonight the overnight low temperature thirty six degrees tomorrow not a complete washout we'll see showers likely mainly during the afternoon into the lower fifties for Friday tomorrow night showers and thunderstorms the low temperature forty for those storms will continue into Saturday some could be strong during the day's gonna be warm day also though with high temperatures in the low sixties showers continue through Sunday morning then we dry out Sunday's high temperature around fifty and for Monday sunshine returns we warm up a few more degrees and reach the mid fifties there on WGN meteorologist Dimitris ivory president trump is issued a federal disaster declaration for the state of Illinois this says state health officials announced seven more deaths caused by the new coronavirus and six hundred seventy six new infections in a single day that's all since Wednesday US senator Dick Durbin of Illinois we said that we needed a Marshall fund when it came to health care and

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The WGN radio news room the

Nick Digilio 2 months ago

A high of eighty five on Friday Saturdays I eighty six bills are cooler and less humid though by Sunday

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Crews are working to restore service protests taking place across the Chicago area there's a large group

Roe Conn 2 hrs ago

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Roe Conn 3 hrs ago

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Care center or visit napa online you can count on that but no house

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Steve Cochran 13 hrs ago

Mainly during the afternoon and evening of Saturday high eighty six then for Sunday some changes in the weather

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