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Thirty coronavirus not easing


Not easing its grip on the United States now the U. S. tops the list for having the most confirmed cases in the world thanks in trials are underway in restrictions across the country are in place to help limit the spread of covert nineteen but no state has seen a decrease in cases yet which means the U. S. probably has yet to hit the peak Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti gives fair warning I want to be clear the worst days are still ahead Thursday was the deadliest day for reported deaths in the U. S. it was the fourth time in as many days that record was broken I'm John Morris reporting earlier this week president trump said he hoped Americans could celebrate Easter in churches the president was criticized for that by many Dr Anthony Fauci explained the comments I think the president was trying to do it he was making an aspirational projection to give people some hope but he's listening to us when we say we really got to reevaluate it in real time and any decision we make has to be based on the data but she also said at yesterday's press briefing that they're hoping as states begin the year rather enter the warmer weather season the number of coded cases will begin to fade amid the unprecedented public health crisis the nation's governors are trying to get what they need from the federal government and get it fast appearing on fox news's Hannity show president trump said he thinks states like New York or inflating their numbers when asking for federal help I have a feeling that a lot of the numbers that are being said in some areas are just bigger than they're going to be I don't believe you need forty thousand or thirty thousand ventilators you know you're going to major hospital sometimes up to ventilators and now all of a sudden they're saying can we order thirty thousand ventilators the more than eighty two thousand people in fact infected in the U. S. is just ahead of the number of cases total in China and in Italy Italy still with most confirmed deaths with more than eight thousand house speaker Nancy Pelosi says the house will take up to two point two trillion dollar coronavirus economic stimulus package this morning when the house votes early today Pelosi said she fully expects it will pass but not by unanimous consent I don't think we will get unanimous consent I think there's some people on the other side of the aisle hook coming here too would object to that instead she said she expects the bill passed by voice vote special voting procedures will be in place with social distancing in mind when members vote today the house sergeant at arms on the house attending physician have issued a memo outlining the procedures the memo also reads members should use extreme care and deliberation when making the determination to travel to Washington DC Linda Kenyon Washington the coronavirus infection cases continue to spread across Los Angeles county with officials saying they expect the spike to continue and get even worse LA mayor Eric Garcetti says the increase of positive cases is staggering two days ago is increasing twenty one percent from the day before today it increased by fifty percent over the day before this may be more testing but that would be a doubling rate of every two days so we're either a week or two away from numbers per capita like we're seeing in New York City so far more than sixty three hundred people have been tested in the county for the virus eight hundred and twelve have tested positive well

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Thirty coronavirus not easing

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