Mobile hospitals: President Trump orders FEMA to help California, New York, Washington


Now following an sos from governors that more hospital beds will be needed the president announcing female will be setting up medical centers in the three states with the most corona virus cases New York being supplied one thousand beds two thousand in California and one thousand Washington additionally the navy's hospital ship the mercy expected to arrive in Los Angeles this week to help local hospitals but will not treat covert nineteen patients another hospital ship the comfort dispatch to New York to assist in the efforts in the coming weeks this as some health care workers are still sounding the alarm about their dwindling supplies it's scary time to be a doctor in America and especially in your internal memos written by Columbia university's chief surgeon Dr Craig Smith say that his hospitals have seen a fifty percent increase in corona virus patients burning through forty thousand masks every day adding that officials predict the number of cases might not even peak for another thirty two days and some doctors stunned when the CDC posted on their site health care professionals should use a bandanna or a scarf along with a face shield as a last resort when face masks are no longer available but the CDC also noting the effectiveness of doing so is unknown E. R. Dr Josh will Lerner posting on Facebook comparing the CDC suggestion to quote sending a soldier to the front line in a T. shirt and flip flops companies like three M. saying the ramping up production of those critical N. ninety five respirator masks Haynes retrofitting their factories to produce cotton masks and apple and Tesla donating mask from their factories this as testing is increasing but not nearly to the level

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