Educating Developers About Actions on Google with Yksel Tolun, Google Developer Expert

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I know that you're a lawyer during the day so I'm curious. What got you interested in technology and specifically voice technology enough to pursue this on the side as well. I have been interested in programming or all my life. I have met programming by ten and ever since then I haven't interested in bed. I wanted to build things that many of us that got me into building web applications and then Iran's low school by Jack pursuing it. I always had this interest. Bod Bonding one. Good thing about not thinking about making money from development is that you get to pursue feels that are experimental that other developers might see non-profitable islands. One of those people lucky enough to have the time and the energy to proceed. These deals and none of them was check box. I read an article about chat bots on how Baber the feature of technology interfaces and I was eager to try Giant learn how to build one that got me into API and then it became glow. Got Into Google assistant and how I ended up before a psychology but when I made my first force application it literally spoke to me. I said this is what I WANNA do. This is what I actually looking for. You know ever since I started programming and hooked ever since I heard most hitchens in Bombay I love that. I loved it that passion has been there for so long one of the things you've mentioned before that's important to you is the ability to translate emotions and feelings of voice go from one language to another. Why is it something that needs to be thought about? And how do you suggest it be done? This is something I always but might ultimately shops because I actually talked to a group that is probably going to translate once chiller experienced. Run up there so this is really important to talk about. I've actually talked about this in another interview languages. Have you know small nuances? That can change. The entire experience was or changed the meaning so we need to think about these bad translating inexperienced. Because sometimes I translate inaction or experience or conversation and I think the centers. It's dramatic incorrect of that sad puppies. That's not how we say it. We should think about rewriting a novel. And you're trying impress the reader we should think about the person or the user is going to feel when they drafted this user experience. So it's really important or developers from station designers to take into account what's appropriate to say while language or some of the little idioms or maybe Faysal orbs. Y'All should really think about the conversational nuances before. Translating is skill or voice experience as really important. I'd actually off the boss Harry Potter on this subject before I'm GonNa do again airport Translation is one of the best translations. In my opinion I read in both languages and I'm really happy that I read it in Turkish because translators took the time so make the spells or made up. came up with sound like Turkish. They translated That makes sense both as Orban told towards usually they are and in a way that sound structure. That is a medically glocer. What I'm used to hearing it was really important for me as a child with a bellevue. things that sound but sounds like us and uses the voice of US bench Experience we should take into account and no of do our research before using Google translate or any other atomic transition dollars. That is a great point and I love to hear that Harry Potter translated so well. I'm sure that's a really interesting to read into different languages. It is. Yeah now you have done a lot of experience in organizing in mentoring workshops and hack Athans about actions on Google and evacuate done over thirty four events in two countries eighteen cities and that was just for two thousand nineteen. What got you started in hosting these events. And how do you usually run them? Walk me started is actually a GDP do not Jewish community is right. There will developer communities on the world and I was a part of Gijon Kara and at that point I was only the developing chat bots with API or other Alex Lowe with the names but stable like trying to host a Google Assistant Event. Just didn't have anyone to talk about. Who LOSES THEM OR D platform? So I checked out the platform and soul of that. I read the new technology behind it and I told them I could do this. Dan I did and they really liked it and they shared that I knew the stop other Jewish communities some of them called me and then after I realized people want to hear what I say. I applied a couple events and one another. I started doing this and I really liked the fact that finally I could give back to the community that has been giving to me our show long because I have learned a lot from developer my past and I really like the idea of being able to share my knowledge at passionate so this is what started however actually run them right now it depends on which event. I'm running if I'm running the workshop. I tried to keep the number of attendees in twenty to forty because after forty really yes crowded and I can't answer every question and I may miss some errors or others abuts between these numbers. It's really productive and I tried to start with talk immediate talk of because even though of you're doing a workshop people still need learn about voice. Revolution the actually able to appreciate the workshop itself vice stocked with mental. I talk about the whole human to machines reactions changing and then ice. Some statistics for people like numbers. I show them how the industry is growing and Ben actually talk about how many Turkish actions are there and why is such a big deal. Torreon developers to a field and get used to it or get good at it because afterwards start the workshop. I have a sector right now. I usually with one action. That can take one input and Ben repeated and then you take a step. Further in the next art buyer. Easy Take that. Inputs and do something programmatic in the fulfillment and afterwards they all try on their devices. That are it's android are and they're to go. That's the workshops that I hold for beginners and if I'm running more invest like for example with Jimmy did programming skills. I usually go one step forward and have visual opponents. Shown to them how you'd slide cards. Why you should can use our cells and such and such but sometimes we hold these special events very take the whole day and start with. Diallo Design Conversation Design To The programing part. So it really depends on what kind of man running. It's usually focused on getting the developers started. Because it's such a new field in my talks. I like to focus on many different voice expenses that you can bill not just. The voice skills are voice actions on the Google about smart home actions or other experiences that they can build in talks. I chunk of folks a number in workshops. I usually focused on the programming side or actress on Google.

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