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Confirmed deaths to be covert


A task force working now to restart this economy once we get through this the answer to me is an obvious yes the we should get experts together right now because what we are going to see in the worldwide economy is that we all are going to need each other again we are going to need nations across the world to buy our goods because we have become a huge exporter we've watched oil prices go through the floor gas prices now in some places in Arizona under two Bucks a gallon because oil prices have gone down no one's driving anywhere in the world really it's a worldwide economy it's a national economy it's a statewide economy the number one trading partner for the state of Arizona Mexico how quickly can the Mexican economy recover where we start with that commerce again so that answer is yes but locally also think about jump starting an economy what businesses are going to be there to re open when this changes there will be and I have no inside I'm just making a prediction but there will be places that have been around for years restaurants and otherwise that won't re open they won't be in a financial place to start over unless the government comes in with forgivable loans because there'll be a lot of business is to look at loans and say okay but I'm not gonna be able to take on another burden and then all of those businesses that reopened it's not as if they're going to be a lot of employed people that are going to be able to run out in frequent some of those businesses again let's be honest if you are in the service industry you're not going anywhere until you work for a while and start making money again if you're a hairstylist of your massage therapist if you do any of these industry if you're in any of these industries that have been shut down you will not be going out again for a while until you build back up some finances so yes we have to rebuild an economy what will be the small business plan what's the plan for larger corporations what's the international plan how do we help other nations jumpstart their economies if we need to or if that's even a prudent thing to deal with the trouble we're going to be in so that we are getting and buying and selling goods what kind of trade deals that were great trade deals for America recently what can we do worldwide we already understand that they're gonna have to be some changes that we in order to keep as drug prices down as much as we could getting ninety percent of our antibiotics and getting things like ibuprofen from China is a national security issue not just because of China but with any foreign country there are going to be some adjustments we just mix that we know that will be made but then we heard the mayor of Phoenix K. guy ago put out a Twitter video talking specifically about the economy in the city of Phoenix and what the city manager is asked

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Confirmed deaths to be covert

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