Paint-by-Number Kits, The Tonight Show, Dots Homestyle Pretzels


We'll take a break from talking in complaining obsessing and instead shouting out things other people are doing that. We think you'll find useful ever as enjoyable as we do with all this around about roundup. I just wanted to start by shouting out. An activity not necessarily a brand work a specific company but an activity that has been keeping my family somewhat busy over the last couple of days. One that We hadn't done since my kids were a lot younger but My daughter has bought herself a big paint by number. You know painting right not the the ones that are kids when they're younger but kind of a more complicated one and she's been working on that and every once in a while somebody will stop by and add to it and just kind of sitting on our kitchen table so if you're looking for something to do says she ended at. Hobby lobby if it still or you can order online. But she's been doing this paper numbers thing. She's doing it passing the time fun on bed. It's a real be able to cover the walls of your whole house. We'll have a gallery by the end of US right so you're looking for something to do. Yeah bickers the paint by numbers. Give happy you. Terry well it. It's probably a risk to mention a a corona virus related entertainment options because things are changing so quickly. Who knows where things will be by the time you actually listen to this podcast? If things will still be available in going but I wanted to mention we mentioned earlier in the week that Laura had invited kids to share their council high school musical performances and other performances on her instagram page. And that is a really fun thing to sift your way through. Especially if you're someone like me who cries when you see young people Doing you know singing and dancing. It's very emotional. But that's very sweet. Jennifer Garner did a similar thing. So you can look at her I think that Laura Bananas is Hashtag Sunshine Stories and Jennifer Garner is. Hey Jen look at me. But we'll have the correct ones in the show notes if those wrong But also I've been enjoying all the late night shows. I guess if shut down because they don't have to have audiences and they don't have to have their crew and all the large number of people together to do that but various of them are putting things online and Jimmy Fallon is doing the tonight show from home with you. Know graphics drawn by his kids who actually has two daughters are very much you know. He's sitting trying to tell a joke in their crawling all over him and you know laughing in jumping around and doing stuff. His wife is filming it And he's then a face timing with his guests so on one of them Lhamo. Verandah was on it and on another one. Jennifer Garner was on it. So you know talking from their homes and it's just very loose and very of looks sort of like if you were trying to do something like this it would look about the same and it's just a very fun thing to look at your trying to kill some time in our long national period of urine boredom. And HAVE YOU CATHERINE. Well something to eat while while you're watching This these are the I know this. These things that came out of nowhere. I guess there from from Maryland or something but a- I think either my daughter or my husband I discovered these dots homestyle pretzels. On't yes which you know last week. Terry recommended Pretzel Pop tarts which I can now second So these they have a flavoring they it. It's not like it's not like honey mustard. It's not really ranch but it's not super spicy is just like this really nice. Savory flavor that comes on these these home style pretzels. They're like little twists and they're so good and then when I was in the store the other day I actually saw that they have candy bars with these things in is this. I did resist the urge to pick one up but that may change the next time. I brave the grocery store. Well this whole thing is excellent. Excuse for snacking. 'cause yes you know. You don't have to avoid that stuff under stressful situations such as this anything goes. Yes yes I should have. Just gone ahead thinking of ditching weight watchers membership but they are very trying times and you might need some pretzels to get yum. I will be looking those up now. Yes so along with your painting and your fun things to watch have some missiles and that'll do it for another week of parenting

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