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Vice President And Mike Pence discussed on Morning Edition


And following will have the latest coming out good morning vice president Mike pence says there are glimmers of progress but the Surgeon General says this week will be our Pearl Harbor moment where are we in the fight against corona virus on morning edition from NPR news coming up we'll talk to the head of a scientific panel that's been advising the White House I'm Noel king and David Greene also another cruel reality of this disease families are robbed of the chance to grieve the way they want to our correspondents around the world tell us how religious practices meant to offer comfort when people die have been impossible we also hear about another experience during a pandemic the experience of giving birth it is Monday April six actor Paul Rudd turns fifty one years old today the news is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman researchers from Johns Hopkins University say nearly three hundred thirty eight thousand people have been diagnosed with the corona virus in the U. S. a third of the cases are in New York state more than ninety six hundred people have perished of covert nineteen in the U. S. about a third of the deaths are in New York City alone every patient who comes aboard the U. S. military hospital ship docked in New York City is being tested for the virus NPR's Rebecca Hersher reports the ship is mostly treating people who are recovering from surgeries the U. S. and S. comfort is under orders to treat only people who do not have known cases of covert nineteen patients are being screened for symptoms before they arrive on the ship and then tested regardless once they come on board at least two patients on board have tested positive according to the ship's commanding officer captain Patrick armors Bach I don't think it was a mistake I think it's one of these things actually it was going to occur anyway one patient was subsequently sent back to a hospital on land the other is being treated in an isolation room our response says the ship is currently capable of safely treating covered nineteen patients including patients who need ventilators Rebecca Hersher NPR news British prime minister Boris Johnson remains in the hospital today after being admitted last night for test as NPR's Frank Langfitt reports Johnson has suffered from a persistent fever and cough after testing positive for the virus late last month number ten Downing Street said the mission was precautionary in the Johnson fifty five remains in charge of the government with Johnson laid up though Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is chairing the government's covert nineteen meeting today meanwhile the queen gave a rare speech last night designed to reassure the nation we should take comfort that while we may have most children deal better days will return we will be with our friends again we will be with our families again we will meet again we meet again No Way that last line a reference to a famous World War two song Frank Langfitt NPR news the intelligence community's inspector general who was fired last week by president trump is pushing back saying he did nothing wrong the president says Michael Atkinson did a terrible job and B. R. Scott Newman has more Michael Atkinson is the one who alerted Congress last year of the whistleblower complaint that was filed about president trump's controversy phone call with Ukraine's president he's been given thirty days notice by trump who says he lost confidence in the inspector general but in a statement on Sunday the inspector general pushed back suggesting that the president's decision to dismiss him was because he was doing his job NPR's Scott Newman reporting on Wall Street the Dow Jones industrial average is up nine hundred eighty two points or more than four and a half percent the nasdaq is also up more than four and a half percent you're listening to NPR it's eight oh four on cherry Glazer with KCRW news California has moved more than eight hundred sixty on house people off the streets and into hotels to help slow the spread of the corona virus that's according to governor Gavin Newsom as of late Friday he says the state plans to house thousands more under the project which targets homeless people most vulnerable to the virus we've identified roughly seven thousand hotel rooms that are now in our possession what we have occupancy agreements and we are now building partnerships throughout the state of California to begin to get folks in to these sites one on house person in Santa Clara county recently died of code nineteen more than a dozen others have tested positive the governor says the initial goal calls for fifteen thousand hotel rooms to be used he says FEMA has agreed to pay for seventy five percent of the cost financial support is on the way to the LA art scene as KCRW's Danielle trick while reports the J. Paul.

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Vice President And Mike Pence discussed on Morning Edition

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