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I have been I literally about fifteen twenty minutes ago watched the last episode of the Second Season of altered carbon which was released about a month ago or so on Netflix But I hadn't seen the first season so I spent a long time watching the first season. The second season finally finished it and man This is such a dense and such a layered Show it's a show that demands your undivided attention. It's a show that is It I liked the first season better than the second season. I have to say Agreem- you've seen you've seen the first season troy right. Yeah I really liked the per season the second season wasn't as compelling for me. I about halfway through it and if I don't finish it I'M NOT GONNA be upset so it was thinking about this. You know It's a lot. It was a lot to think about in just twenty minutes and I came up with you know the the reason I think the first season is stronger is because it has a lot more intrigue and things to discover This is a show that has a lot of twists and turns. And I like it for that reason So it's it's think think I like the first season to like Ridley Scott Particularly like blade runner and alien and then the second season is GonNa like in. The second season is more like a. Wachowski which house key brothers with like the Matrix. Although both seasons have you know characteristics or tones that you know we can compare to the Matrix but basically it's a Scifi show There's also anime. Anime influences in there A lot of ghost in the shell and so the premise of the show. For those of you that have not seen it Basically in the future Every human who was born can download their consciousness into a little chip that they call stack. And so basically you never die because as long as that stack is okay you you can just be put into a different body. Which in the show they call sleeves and it's a show about power struggles in. It's like it's like a detective story as well. And it has some film war elements In the new season in the second season Anthony Mackie who plays Falcon in the avengers? A key plays the main character. Takeshi batch. is his name Good acting all throughout a solid a storyline. The second season just falls kinda short for me a little bit because it just got a little convoluted and it's just really hard to follow at times because there's so much information and that's my my feeling about it but overall if you're a Scifi fan and you like the Matrix and you like you know really Scott Material James Cameron stuff. You should watch altered carbon in my opinion the I think the I think the second season. Kinda has that sophomore slumping. The first season is grabs you. Because it's all new. This is stuff you haven't seen before and then the second season you're already use that stuff that the interest in the first season so the second season asked to really step it up keep that same level of excitement and Like you said I mean the second season great acting cinematography was was good. It just is not a new concept commanding anymore. And I'm just Kinda Ma- about the second season I was that made me. They wrote themselves into a corner or anything. Like maybe over thinking it and trying to be a little too crazy. I think it's just more of the same from the first season and it just it doesn't look raise. The bar from the first season is just as good as the first season but the first season was groundbreaking heard exactly. I think it's just like rehashing. The first and then again I just felt like there was more to look forward to like more surprises. The twist and turns were like more. I Dunno engaging I guess an an and I think that the second season followed the love story a little too much. There's a love story at the center of the second season and dine those love stories hidden away the action fat. It's just that it wasn't the bogus of the first one. As much I guess as as it was the second season and I think that kind of detracted from other fun aspects for me. But that's just the way I felt anyway that in this whole thing with the sleeves It can be the same character played by a different actor. Sometimes that's hard to follow from season to season because you went from you know. I can't remember the actor from the first season to Anthony. Mackie completely different. Look but in your mind you have to make that connection the same guy from the same guy. Yeah so the actor in the first season was played by Joel Kinman But yeah like that's another point. That's a very good point because you have the same personality the same mind but in a different body and that happens a lot so you. It's hard to keep track of okay. No very cerebral. You had to pay attention while you're watching it. In fact had told me yesterday he was like it's one of those shows where you know like the Matrix you have to be stuck to every single word or else you're gonNA something vinyl. Yes yes but you know what overall I liked it I I gotta say that I enjoyed it. I enjoyed it overall. But anyway if you've already watched everything else on that flicks you go ahead and watch that second season the first season definitely you should watch

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