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Basketball Hall of Fame set to announce 2020 class


Miss so it may be awhile before we see the world's best basketball players play again which is why tonight's a good time to remember the greatness of those the next class headed for spring field day unique hall of fame class will be announced today in a unique way the late Kobe Bryant Tim Duncan and Kevin Garnett all expected be officially announced as part of the twenty twenty class been trying needs by the Naismith memorial basketball hall of fame the selections are typically revealed at college basketball's final four but there's sports now shut down the announcement will be televised on our E. S. P. N. studios Brian Duncan Kerr net a combined eleven championships forty eight all star seasons between them the first time finalist and locks to get in only six players in league history have been selected to fifteen or more all star games Brian Duncan and gore net or three of them to jump with this take on a stellar class with a focus on Brian it is one of the greatest hall of fame's ever and it will certainly be a one that we remember that night in spring feel which is coming up in September will certainly be more emotional yeah in Kobe's physical absence I I remember but I think it was two thousand ten and a class with Michael Jordan John Stockton David Robinson and Jerry Sloan I think the memory serves me and that was just like wow is sometimes you get these classes that are just glittering yeah and this is one of absolutely I'm gonna miss we're not gonna get to

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