Stocks jump as virus deaths slow; oil falls on OPEC+ delay


Coleman stocks opened higher this morning even as the US braces for what public health officials say will be a difficult week in the battle against the coronavirus NPR's Scott Horsley reports the Dow Jones industrials jumped around eight hundred points in the first few minutes of training while the death toll from covert nineteen here in the United States is nearly ten thousand and climbing investors were cheered by signs that the spread of the virus is slowing in Europe the Dow surged close to four percent of the opening bell the S. and P. five hundred and the nasdaq or also up sharply stocks in Europe and Asia also gained ground as deaths from the coronavirus slowed in Italy and France oil prices tumbled however after much anticipated meeting today between OPEC countries and others to discuss possible production cuts was pushed back the benchmark price of crude in the U. S. fell about four and a half percent it's got worse the NPR news

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