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Thousands of Chinese nationals


Thousands of Chinese nationals coming to the United States for business for academics sure plenty of intellectual property theft and spying is well mixed into that or even tourism or a Chinese nationals living in China still coming to visit their relatives or family members that are settled in the United States but those numbers folks just jump off this page and I smacked me in the face they are alarming beyond belief and you know the majority of these travelers they did go to some of the big population areas like New York like Los Angeles like Seattle saw Seattle took off you've got a big population of a Chinese Americans on the west coast as well or relatives visiting their Chinese American relatives a boy if we would have to shut things off again again at abundance of caution on this program back in January I was saying shut things down shut down the air travel and I put out a tweet and I remember distinctly some listener or some Twitter follower who follows me at Todd Schmidt on Twitter at T. O. D. D. S. C. H. N. as in November I. T. T. at Todd Schmidt you don't follow me folks I am a follower say yeah Schmidt but I'll find the exact weight if I need to but it was something to the effect that when I was talking about shutting down air travel now or sooner before trump actually did they responded to me there's something to the effect of this that tweet is gonna age pretty well

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Thousands of Chinese nationals

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