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Yes yes yes. And yes now kindle for today's show I do not want you to fill me. I want you to film the Glorious Pool so you have to get out of here and go film the pool because on today's show we're talking to a man who's making a big splash in the also pool industry. Jeff Landsberg welcome onto the lifetime. Show how are you sir? I'm doing great. I appreciate yes. Can I am so fired up to have you on the show in Devon is it okay if I tell you a little story that are you. Are You Mike? They're doing okay. Is it okay if I tell you a little story? Go for it okay here. Here's a little story. My wife and I we decided we were going to put a pool outside which kindles filming right now and I am. This is how I roll this Devon. I like to call a lot of different people at one time. I like to call four five six vendors. Whatever true I do if I'm going to hire a key employee interview ten people for the position if I'm going to hire someone to remodel a house salt of the interview five or six contractors so I asked multiple people who I like and trust Said who is the pool. Guy That you would recommend and do you know. Do you know Devon did the name I kept hearing over and over and over and over. Who Was it by the way around those fantastic youthful? I kept hearing that Jeff. Lindbergh was the guy. He was like the Unicorn. Now let me tell you who all said he. I should use this guy. Dr Joe Lie and did you build a pool for Dr Joe There? I did did April call you or did Joe Call You. I believe Joe Is when initially contacted me but then we met with April to make sure. We're doing exactly what she wanted. I WanNa make sure shows hip compliance. I'm not asking for any more secrets. They're all I can say. Is that April once. She heard that Joe had recommended you. She got on the bandwagon and she goes no no no. No no no no no no. He's the best like you need to stop talking to other people and you've been around misled by. She's a dentist. She's a hardworking lady. And you know when she's passionate about something. I mean she was like stop. Don't even stop the conversation. Stop talking to other people and I'm like April. Let's your wonderful client. I did her wedding years ago. I'm GONNA keep shopping. I just saw I called asked for other references and then Dr Kirkpatrick who works with Dr Lie. He recommended you and then somebody at the. What is the golf course? What is the golf course in a Wassot Patriot? Golf course those guys recommended you and then somebody who I knew knew. Somebody said that you built the pool for Shangri law. Is that correct? That is correct. Yes sir how in the world have you built such a great reputation or are you paying these people? Unfortunately that was a case we'd been out of business a long time ago. Okay well you're having a lot of success now so I wanNA start off at the very beginning. What was your life like a growing up as a kid and you know where. Where did you grow up? Actually I grew up in the East Tulsa area in a town cockatoos which is where we still live and it's actually our businesses located. I'm one of four brothers We were a I would say low to middle income family and what that equates to basically is. I fortunate I was the second oldest brother so I only had to wear my older brothers. Close unfortunately my youngest brother. He had four groups close. Oh wow the time it got down to him and that was Kinda how it was back in those days but but we learned early on that my parents care of our needs but any time we wanted something at that point we had to go out and we had to work for it. What did your parents do? My Dad was an instructor at a at an avionics school here in Tulsa and my mother was actually a nurse. So when did it occur to you that you wanted to become the pool guy you know because a lot of people out there that don't ever unfortunately find they're calling or something they enjoy doing? A winded occurred to you. I love pools. Well it's it's a little bit of a story if I can kinda start at the beginning and you can make a short story long if you want to. Because that's the podcast and our listeners. Love the story so you can give it anyway. What happened was whenever I graduated high school. Actually join the military. I went to the Army Aviation Division of the military went through my training and when I got out of my training I was nineteen years old and I was in the army reserves. And I didn't know what I wanted to do. I thought I wanted to have an aviation career but the more I looked into the more I thought well. I'm not sure that's right for me. And so it's kind of ironic. Because my brother was the store manager of a local company here in Tulsa and said. Hey we're hiring people. Would you like to come to work at this company and I said sure why not you know I? I wasn't afraid of work and so I went to work. There is actually as a laborer digging ditches for this company and I ended up staying with this company for ten years really. Yeah and I worked my way up to a foreman with the company and at that point I was twenty eight years old twenty nine years old and I had an opportunity. Economy tanked a little bit in Tulsa. This is back in ninety eight or nine hundred ninety. Excuse me and so a friend of mine was a ups driver and he said. Hey you know what? Why don't you come dry forests because we hire people at Christmas time? You know Christmas drivers for the extra load and so I actually went to work for them driving back in nineteen ninety and they hired me permanently as a ups driver. I did that for two years driving. And then the next six years I wanted to management with them and I was actually in operation supervisor for ups. What did you learn at ups? I've read case studies about ups. I LOVE UPS. We WE GET PACKAGES. Devon the ups packages delivered every day. No Yeah I'm always high five in my guy giving I love that guy. What did you learn during your time at? Ups You know. The biggest thing learned there was how to run a company efficiently especially when I got into the management side of the company. It's a joke when you go into management. Ups If you cut yourself you better bleed brown if you don't believe Brown. They don't want you in management and that was kind of the joke. I think they were kind of serious too about it at some point so but that was kind of how it got along with their but at the age of thirty five years old my wife and I've been married for probably a year to at that time. I always kind of look over at her to confirm everything correctly but I decided I did not want to be part of Corporate America got. I decided and my wife. She was in corporate America too. She had quit her job About six months earlier she a lifeguard in corporate America actually. She has been a lifeguard at this time. She was a vice president for a computer training center in Tulsa got it and so anyway so whenever I told her I said you know what I said. If you want to quit your job Stay home pursue your career. Because she's an accountant she's GonNa take on accounting with different companies and stuff. I'll continue to work for two more years and then at that point we'll make a decision what we WANNA do their life well unfortunately or fortunately have you. WanNa put it about two months after that promise I made to our came home and said guess what honey. I just gave my thirty day. Notice it work and I'm I'm leaving. Ups really and so. You didn't ask her about this. I I don't know if she shaking your head. No so I'm going to say I did not is that a pro tip. Is that a pro tip. Are you recommending for the listeners? Out there to not tell their spouse before they switched careers. It's always better to ask for forgiveness than permission. Okay now I want to ask this because I started my first business. When I was sixteen years old and my parents basement we started what became. Dj CONNECTION DOT COM at the time it was called CMS DJ service. So I don't know I don't really know what it's like to not have my own thing on the side when I worked at Applebee's target and direct. Tv I always worked. I've always had my own thing. Was It scary for you? With what the age of thirty five starting your own thing. And how old were you now? Thirty six I was thirty five years old when you started your own thing at the age of thirty five. Uber had that thought of what have I done just about every day every day. So how did you go out and get the funding to start the Pool Company? Well what we did was Since I've been a management at ups for six years. I'd acquired some stock that was part of the Management Center program that they had and so whenever I left. Ups cashed all that stock in and we figured we could survive on it for probably maybe six to nine months then at that point if things were taken off we were. GonNa go to the line. So how did you? How did you avoid the super? How did you get your ten customers if you can remember well what we did? When we started the company I started out subcontracting to other pool companies. So I I knew how to tile on knew how to excavate a tie rebar so I thought hey I can market myself to these other companies until I can kind of get a foothold on the industry and get things going on our own and I thought why could do that for several months where we did it for about a month then at that point then someone heard about us and next thing I knew we had a pool sold and then another and then another. And then another it just snowballed from there.

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