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Jpmorgan And Bank Of America discussed on WIBC Programming


Of schedule and billions and billions of dollars and it's worked out credibly well I want to thank bank of America and JPMorgan chase and a lot of the big banks that have been involved in a lot of the community banks community banks have really jumped on it and it's so far going way ahead of schedule the SBA also clarified that faith based organizations including houses of worship are eligible for the paycheck protection program that's great as well as the economic injury disaster loan program that you're familiar with on the same terms as every other applicants if we run out of funding for the employee retention program I will immediately ask Congress for more money this is money that's really going directly to the people that need it the small businesses that needed and the workers that need it finally I can because when we open we want to open strong with businesses that are going remember who is the greatest economy in the world and then one day we were told to go to shut it down stop it tell everyone to stay home because of this horrible virus and we did that when we did the right thing but now we have to open we have to open our country finally I can report that as of today the state department has successfully coordinated the safe return of more than forty thousand Americans stuck abroad well over four hundred flights from seventy five countries many of those countries were terrific and helping us and I appreciate that very much some of them I had to call the leaders of the country most of whom I know and once they did they use napped like you wouldn't believe they really helped us great so I appreciate that so we brought back forty thousand Americans who were literally stuck in some countries with no chance of getting out we got him back four hundred flights seventy five countries think of that in those countries in almost every instance had a big problem with the virus I want to thank the American people most of all for the selfless sacrifices that they're making for a nation I know it's not pleasant although some people have said they've gotten to know their family better and they love their family more than ever that's a beautiful thing they've actually gotten to know him they're in the same house with the family for a long time I guess you could also work the other way perhaps but we don't want to talk about that and I want to encourage everyone to keep following our guidelines on slowing the spread sustaining this war effort is and that's what it is is a war effort is the patriotic duty of every citizen while we may be more physically distant for time we're closer together in the heart and in the spirit and through this great national unity is happening we're having a great unity developing that a lot of people didn't think would be possible to develop like this and we will conquer the disease and restore our nation to its full and glorious might so we're doing really well and I'm very proud of everybody out there we're very proud of you it's something that nobody could have ever projected spent over a hundred years that a thing like this has happened and the problem with this one is the contagious so contagious nobody's ever seen anything like that where it's so contagious you can be feet away and just talking to somebody and catches you can catch it you know how long it can live on surfaces so things that nobody even thought of the level of contagion so we're getting there we're gonna make sure there's over seven and just keep going it's not going to be long thank you very much and with that I'd like to ask a doctor Honda speak and he's been an doing yeoman's work at the FDA thank you very much doctor thank.

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Jpmorgan And Bank Of America discussed on WIBC Programming

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