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From workhouse connect in a J. Benza. Vein he likes to be walked on a leash and play really dirty. Kinky sex tapes is the GUY. Put the COP in the peacock network. Okay Bitch Hey everybody NJ Here for fame bitch this issue podcast for Friday March Twenty Seventh. Twenty twenty boy. I just got the scare of my life. I'm a big. I'm a big carrot top fan. I think he's funny. The comedian out in Vegas The red-headed comedian. I just saw a picture of him in the hospital with a mask on and for a moment I thought Oh Jeez Cara cops been tested positive for that. I looked closely and it's not carrot top Kathy Griffin Apparently Kathy Griffin went in. She was suffering from too many arts. 'cause she just came back from a Mexican vacation. Don't those things begin before you even crossed the border anyhow? She came back from Mexican vacation. Her essel probably hurt. The gas was that bad and she had some diarrhea vomiting. I know you don't want to picture that. But Hey it's she made us pitcher bloody decapitated trump head that we can picture harass running as she trailed home from the border so she went to the Hospital Cedars Sinai only the best for her and they couldn't test Cogan nineteen and she really wanted. The doctor said because of some guidelines and she blamed on vice president pence and president trump. She said just reported that the US has done far more testing that any of the nation by foreign fact overnight they span. The United States now does more testing done with South Korea which has been very successful tester does over eight week span. That's what trump set to which Kathy Griffin said he's lying. I was sent to the covert nineteen isolation ward room and a Major Hospital Cedars Sinai for a separate urgent care facility after showing showing up with unbearable painful symptoms. The hospital couldn't test me for corona virus. Because the listen this year on the dealers. That's why you didn't get the test if you were anybody like Albor Tom Hanks or Justin Trudeau or even Harvey Weinstein. You would have got the test but you made a habit of telling people you're on the dealers that's why he didn't get one and frankly. I don't care what happens. I don't care how sick she gets. I don't care for Shit. Turns blue for all the stuff. She's put us through in the way she's acted over. The years made fun of the president. I don't care anymore so God time and shake those farts out of the sheets when you get home I'm sure your report to us. Dan You'll be doing a lot of instagram lives showing how much better your family with your new quote unquote husband. Which should be read. Gay Friend Anyhow. I made a bunch of calls to some of you folks who are listeners who I said I'd love to call and talk to have some pleasant conversations with a number of you but the prevailing feeling among all the people I talked to Kelly Mariella Sheena Boutilier A. I don't want to forget names. Don't get mad at me Slow to about four or five. You and the rest are going to happen over the weekend and next week. A lot of us really don't know what to do. How can we help? Defeat this Chinese flu pandemic and as it continues to hurt the economy and Americans. We worry about job security etc. There are SOM- super celebrities who are displaying. These acts of kindness to make life easier for people in fact. Two of those people are Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell Boy these to act ship. It used to be such a funny motherfucker when he won't. We worked on punked with Ashton Kutcher before he was famous then when he got famous he was really funny and comedies. Then he met. Kristen Bell chopped off his balls handed them to earn a little felt purse. And He's been this. Who gives a Shit Guy? Ever since and she's been running the show since then and you know she's exactly who she is in movies impossible to be with these to fight a lot. They always tell you about their bean and syrupy. You can look at his face when they're on the red carpet. She looks like I'm smiling because we need to smile because people need to know where here and he looks like somebody fucking save me. Somebody saved me. I fucked the famous girl. I ended up marrying her now caught. That's what it looks like anyhow. These two They own some residential properties in la and their landlords to a bunch of people and they decided to waive rent payments for the month of April. It's nice tenants were given the good news. They got an email that express sympathy for them empathy. I should say is is the right word and some encouragement and actually Dax's sister is the manager of these residences and she promised that she's going to work with residents they're going forward is this pandemic continues I think it's a nice gesture. Always make fun of these two but at least they're doing something that's GonNa save some money or at least extend themselves because people are going through some shit and it's nice to see people have the power or the money to change things doing that last week. Kristen Bell posted on Instagram. Because you know you've got to let people know how generous you're she posted that her family donated one hundred and fifty and seven dollars and ninety six cents or one hundred and fifty hundred and fifty thousand seven dollars ninety six cents to the charity. No Kid Hungry. I think Angelina Jolie gave a million to that charity. So either way hundred fifty thousand out. You know what I'm saying. Seven dollars ninety six cents more than one hundred fifty k. Wonderful gesture can't make fun of that. Except to say wait an odd number. Come from that extra seven dollars and ninety six cents. What would it be if he just don't need lunnon fifty thousand what not be great but we'll be talking about it probably? Not You know how we would talk about it. You know how she can go on. Tv or talk to websites and explained donation if only her daughters Delta and Lincoln who were five years old and seven if only they asked to donate the money they had piggybanks. And that's how the extra seven dollars and ninety six cents came about her. Kids forked. It over if you think for second movie stars kids have piggybanks less than eight dollars in it. You're out of your fucking mind. I couldn't have been prouder to add that extra and important seven dollars. It's not important. It does nothing hundred thousand fantastic. You're great the seven ninety six. What's that going to get somebody a fuck croissant? Stop It? He make your kids think they did this grand gesture and it really means nothing. That's where it all fell apart from you guys. Just donate the money. Don't make them stop trying. To make your kids are the living embodiment of Mother Teresa. I don't know how much you know about this couple. They fight like cats and dogs. She's a perfect pay neon she's been trying to corral her crazy husband DAX. Who was once eight crazier bastard a drug use the whole thing? She got a hold him and said I'm GonNa fix this guy and she did anybody who knows anything about this couple is that they are regularly in therapy because they always talk about it they can't stand each other's guts. They talk about that as well. But she wants us all to think they've been practicing social distancing and she recently said that Baby isolating in an empty apartment after traveling just to be cautious and made sure that DAX doesn't have any symptoms. You sure it's that he doesn't want to be anywhere near you after being away with you you sure. He just voluntarily went into an apartment building. Okay this half the show brought to you by ritual. 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Ten percent off right now during the first three months Go to ritual dot com slash fame to start your ritual today. Take ten percent off during the first three months at ritual dot com slash fame another -nother another full of shit couple. I think we have to talk about is oprah and Stedman Graham. Now we've known about them forever. I don't know why they think we still believe they're perfectly happily in love like most people. What anyhow what am I? What if any of US imagine that these to share a bed let alone the same fucking floor of the mansion? They live in never is the answer. Let's face it. Have you heard how they're handling social distancing? Albouy OPRAH OPRAH IS A fucking. She's a bitch through and through some word as instead of hunkering down indoors with. Stegman the word is they've both decided that steadman self isolate separately in the guest house. Apparently you know he was on speaking engage with. I don't know what statement let's stop for said. Let's stop. Let's stop. I don't know what business you're in. Maybe you want to get away for the weekend because there's going to be a speaker some place in it's time to get away from the wife and kids and enjoy yourself in some like saint. Louis I don't fucking know what he thinks. Stegman grant has to offer anybody other than. Here's my tips on how to live with a bitch. What do you think he can for anybody.

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