Vinsanity: Is This How Vince Carter's Epic Career Ends?

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Jackie the early ending potentially of the NBA season could also mean the end of one of the longest runs in NBA history. Which at this point is perhaps the most remarkable thing about Vince? Carter's career right. I mean the fact that he's forty three years old he still playing as not playing for great teams so I wanted to start there and ask you a simple question. Why well it's a good question and it's funny because if you go back the fact that this dude has played four decades and played above the rim and then learn to play below the rim. Because that's what I always look at okay if you're a high flying guy and you couldn't do that anymore. Well why are you still playing? Disowning love to the game in respect to the game and the players that played. So that's Kinda why still do it? There's a certain small small number of guys that have incredible Immortal Street cred with other players and he's one of them. You mentioned him to younger players and there is just explode. Can you put in context? How unusual it is that he has played for twenty years. Well it's incredibly unusual because it's taxing game. When I knew I was going to come on this podcast with you. I happen to look game. Seven of the Eastern Conference semifinals which. I'm sure we'll get to but the reason I looked it up because I was curious. How many minutes he played in that game he played forty eight minutes in that game and he played during an era where you played forty plus minutes when the games were important. So that's why I think it's even more remarkable that he's been able to spend four decades because he played during a time when the best players played a lot. So in the intro mentioned that that might have been vince. Carter's final shots a three pointer for the Atlanta Hawks in overtime. What at the season been like for him and his team before that moment. Well it's interesting. They're they're interesting team. I'm sure they're disappointed. Travis Shank has one of the smartest Johnson the league he learned under the Golden State. Warriors Franchise drafted well brought in some really good young players and sprinkled in some veterans to teach them some things. Hence why Vince? Carter is on that roster. Remember I told you before about young players is exploding trae young as one of those players. Because I asked him out to me I still see DECISI. The highlights crazy events has been a true G. for me he's been a guy can lean on. If I have any questions I can go go to him anything. I ne- I can go to vent so and I'm sure he's learned a lot from him but they underperformed if in fact this is the end of the season for them. Now I'm not blaming Vince. Carter for that but I would say that as a whole I think he envisioned being the iota to a bunch of really sharp. Young jet is that we're going to shock the world and it didn't go that way

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