Cooking for the Family During Self-Isolation


Carla Music First of all how are you doing? I'm doing okay. I am thankful for a lot of things right now. One of them being that. There's actually space at home for us to not be on top of each other. So I'm very grateful for that because we're GONNA be together for a while. Yeah I mean we've had ESI had marlins moaning I have spent a really nice actually four or five days family time been very chill. Marlins been great and I appreciate it. A Lot I do wonder come like day thirty. We're all gonna be doing but so far I feel like everyone has been stepping up to the challenge. I think I've been trying to be understanding of of what's in front of US totally on the food front. We recorded a few weeks ago about how to sort of prepare for this and at the time it was almost theoretical abstract like. Oh Yeah Okay we're GONNA go buy a bunch of groceries and it almost seemed by okay shore and now that we're fully in it. I'm just curious to understand how you're doing. And like what has come to fruition. What lessons have you learned? What's working what's not working yeah. It's almost quaint looking back on that conversation now. I think we were thinking about it. Like Blizzard was coming. You know we were going to be home for a few days So one of the resets for me has been really thinking about how to incorporate both kind of a pantry that is going to help me build meals and keeping enough fresh food and freezer in stock for variety. And so that I don't feel like every meal has to be a project you know. That's a good point because some meals. You want to be a project because you want something to do. Maybe you want to get the family involved. And there's other times where I had bought a bunch of frozen little Ravioli. Sorta things at the Italian market and one night right. Let's just watch a movie and not to a big me. All of us for the freezer oil them up in Boston with some butter and Parmesan nutbag and that was delicious but was super simple in not time consuming. Yeah I think that's really important because when we have this idea that we're gonNA be stuck inside because of like a weather event or You know things that may be as humans in this world. We can relate to being stuck at home for a few days in not context. It's really fun to do a big project and cook all day but now that what we're really thinking about is no. This is normal. Life in normal life is at home. And maybe your kids are doing online classroom and you have to make lunch like you can't be kind of elbows deep in like a big project as best bully as a LASAGNA. When you know someone needs a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich. So I'm just trying to think about that balance having some things that are hands off and take maybe a few hours to Cook Lake stock or a braise but really thinking about that as multiple meals down the line And then also balancing that with like you know I. I really heated some. I had some conference chicken okay. So like that's a personnel guy. No problem that I had but I had confused chicken in my fridge that I had made like several weeks ago and last night I decided you know. Use a couple can black beans Heated those up. I had a so Frito I had done a big batch so Frito so I have like little jars of so frito really easy way to get a lot of fast flavor. Made the Black Beans Chris. Step chicken thighs heated up. Some FAJITAS put out sour cream and we kind of had like a little Taco night. You remind me of a meal. Sonic who believes that nothing ever really goes bad in the frigerator I had to. I got to Jars Schmaltz out of the deal too. So you know what works we. We were in Zoom meeting about twenty of US earlier today Talking about story ideas and just that notion of talking about lunch that when we're all stuck at home we still need to sort of build some sort of schedule for ourselves and like actually take time to sit down at a table and eat lunch and that otherwise your day into sort of tumble for one thing to the next five thirty. And you're like wow. I'm still in my sweatpants. And I haven't had an actual meal or a moment to communicate with someone in a non-professional level or something I think that's really important. I thought was a great tip. Last time we spoke was a like. Yeah we want some fresh ingredients in our diet. It's not just pantry but then to be mindful about the shelf life of those items and so I we bought much stuff at a farmers market in this beautiful celery but after a few days celery Kinda rubbery you know it's Kinda limp and other well. Meanwhile denied these two big heads of cabbage. Stomach all right. The cabbage is fine. That's a cool place. That'll probably be fine a month from now but that salary I need to make tonight Ross is GonNa go bad so I ended up making that Tiger Salad. We HAVE ON DOT COM sites up to celery salons cucumbers a rice wine assessment addressing and that was delicious and a made it also with that the next subject again. We'll be touched on a few weeks ago but I did end up going to Dixon's Farm San meets. Which if you have a nice butcher shop near you. This is a great time to buy a bunch of cuts of meat. That if they can back you seal them and you can just immediately freeze up. Yeah Antibiotic a Little Flat Iron Steak. Which is kind of a thin cut and I just didn't even defrost it all the way. So it's actually you can slice it thin easier. That way. It made Chris Morocco's Basic Bogie Korean style Bogie Dot Com and that was delicious and easy and fast and it just felt like a sensible balance like right one thing from the freezer one fresh ingredient before it goes bad But you know it's again. It's sort of ingredient management. We're all GONNA have to deal with in the coming months. I think I love that Bogie Recipe. By the way I saw your picture. It looked so good. I think that one thing. I'm trying to reassure people as often as possible. There's a lot of food. In the grocery stores we got a lot of we kinda got bombarded at the beginning with this like Armageddon. Everybody was posting pictures of all the empty shelves and Empty Freezer case. And I think it really freaked a lot of people out and I think that if you're going to like a big box store that maybe had a huge volume of people very quickly that that was true there that that inventory was depleted fast. But I really do want everybody to remember that. There's a lot of food in the United States. And there's a lot of distribution that is one hundred percent intact and not to feel like you need to have in the house right now. A month's worth of three meals a day for the next thirty days I think keeping a balance of pantry staff fresh food freeze. You know free some meat free sausages whatever it is in Kinda keep those zones replenished but no one can fit enough food for thirty days in their fridge at once anyway and and and you shouldn't feel like you have to show taking it like one week ten days at a time but you know I am. I know being mindful about being in crowds and stuff like that. Grocery stores are open. Be Safe about it when you go in and you can buy food. Yeah thankfully I think we're we're in good shape right now Spatial management is also interesting. I am the roundabout story but I'm old friends from way. Back in the day with Andrew Carmelina who is now a race. That's Shafie done a bunch of restaurants in New York and Detroit And yesterday they had to shut down all the restaurants and at least temporarily lay off. Four hundred people Something that's the entire restaurant. Industry has been crippled right now. It's really unclear how that's all going to play out and who's going to have to make a living. Cetera ET CETERA And yet he was a literally clearing out their kitchens and a lot of food they were able to give away. He had like twenty loaves of frozen bread. He's like do you want some bread and one thing. I do think that a tip which I know you guys do in the kitchen which is nice. If you have a loaf of bread you can slice it up. Put it in a ziplock bag and then freeze that time you can take out one slice toasted instead of having to defrost entire low for whatever and eat it. All at once which I think is great advice the challenge. I'm having we have a small. Caesar saw Mike will can I? What can I fit in the Freezer M. I? Managing my freezer space properly or do I have a bunch of random stuff in there that I don't really need which your freezer thoughts I use my freezer really to freeze components for meals instead of like complete meals so for example everybody is talking about that all the frozen pizzas were. Gone Gel. Which is hilarious. Again I get it but if I went out and bought six frozen pizzas entire. Freezer would be full. You know is not there. They're not very efficient. Use of space But things like cooking grains freezing them in Ziplock bags. You confed a lot of that into the into the freezer timeout. You mentioned this last time. You're saying like if you have like Farro or something you'll boil it cook it and then you cool it yeah trey and then put in Ziplock Bag. Yeah and then when you unfreeze it so you can just unfreeze it. You could make a stir fry from it at that point. You could make a grand salad. Once it comes back to room temperature warmed back up and dress it with a little olive oil. You could add it to a brosse soup You could make a you know. Kind of ad hoc risotto out of it. You know Could you should. You should write a cookbook. I've thought about it. You could also reheat it. I have been This is a very like nostalgic delicious thing to me but grains can go sweet too so you could warm up some Grains that were cooked just with a little bit of salt water and even if they had a little bit of olive oil. Warm those up like you would Oatmeal a little bit of milk. Some cinnamon hung little drizzle of Maple resting would be like a delicious breakfast or honestly like if you need a little comfort food for

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