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How To Survive the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Shutdown


Last Thursday. The Pearl and I got on a plane and flew to Cincinnati. Our children got on other planes coming from three different locations to also attend the same funeral. I was a bit apprehensive getting on the plane. It was packed with individuals that have been attending spring training which had just been cancelled and so now they were returning home. The Corona virus pandemic up until then had always seem a little distance. Something that was happening over there. Seattle Europe China the Pronoun. I had eaten out a few times last week. But then the cancellations started coming in colleges closed churches restaurants entire countries locked down then a cities in the US and yesterday president trump. Encourage that. We don't have gatherings with more than ten individuals in Ohio. We went to the grocery store to buy some food for AIRBNB. Many shelves empty not just toilet paper but pasta beans peanut butter rice chicken Skyline Chili that same day I received an email from. Steve has a listener he wrote. I live in the Seattle area. The epicenter of the Krona virus pandemic in this country. It's fascinating watching the behavior. Changes occurring locally. Thousands upon thousands of people are working from home. Traffic especially during rush hour has disappeared. Restaurants are nearly empty and dozens have closed coffee. Shop like starbucks are no longer gathering places stores have few customers. Schools have closed. Sporting events cancelled. People are not spending demand is dropping precipitously. People's living working and recreational behaviors have changed dramatically and very quickly locally epidemiologists. Don't think the affection rate will peak until late May or June that suggests we have close to five to six months to go before the situation stabilizes who knows I wonder if new behaviors will become ingrained over months of enforced change. I don't think we can assume things will return as they were a month ago with the pace and scope of online shopping accelerate. Well people adapt to eating out much less often with a desire travel for either business or pleasure. Rebound ours is a consumer driven economy when this crisis ends slows down or stabilizes presumably businesses will reduce prices. Spur demand will it be effective or people's consumption habits have changed lead to deflation Steve Concludes. I'm curious as to your thoughts and what we your listeners. And readers should do. Something changed for me this past weekend. The Corona virus pandemic became real. That it's going to require a change on my part and many others. We will have to change our behavior to stop the spread of this virus. What do we do to survive the corona virus? We avoid ruin and help others. Avoid ruin ruin being dying. Having our businesses destroyed going bankrupt not making it through the next three six nine months. We don't know how long it'll be. We have to follow what is known as the precautionary principle. I've discussed it before on the podcast. It's something that Naseem Nicholas Talib. His taught for years. I found an early reference by D. -cribe Oh and his co authors in two thousand one paper in the environmental health perspectives. They right. There are four components to the precautionary principle. One take preventive action in the face of uncertainty preventive action to shift the burden of proof to the proponents of an activity. If someone is recommending something that potentially will cause harm. It's their responsibility to show that it will not cause harm. Three explore a wide range of alternatives to possible harmful actions. What options are there? Which one is less likely to cause harm or to prevent harm from happening to us? Four increase public participation in decision-making as we were gathered with our family in Ohio. We had a family council and talked about what we should do

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How To Survive the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Shutdown

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