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Episode 54: Mike Day - Former Navy SEAL and Author of Perfectly Wounded



Ladies and gentlemen as always open honor and a pleasure to welcome my next guest to the podcast. He spent twenty one years as a US Navy seal and retired. He's done eight deployments. Three of which were combat deployments. He has received the navy cross two bronze stars and a Purple Heart in his the author of a book coming out in June ninth called perfectly wounded which we will get into the story of that. He's been called the human gun range and John Wick has wet dreams about this guy. Please welcome to the stage. Mike Day you can see how blessed I bless pretty pretty easy already. Got Me blushing who go. That's I guess we can wrap it up the I appreciate you coming. I know you just came from a caller. You'RE UP IN COLORADO PHOENIX PHOENIX. Okay left Phoenix yesterday. About eleven o'clock and he drove through the night to make it here on time again. Appreciate that so hopefully. We won't won't keep you up too much longer but What is your most painful bullet wound? I would say the ones that the body armor hurt worse. Yeah they broke ribs. Explain that a little bit. I guess for for the listener in total. I got shot. Twenty Seven Times Got Shut Sixteen Times in the body and eleven body armor the body armor luckily operated a lot better than it should have. Yeah and it. It absorbed eleven rounds but that energies transferred to your body also stops the bullets but I had four. Broken ribs and contusion on my right long were all around ak around. I got shot with a five five. Six Green Tip. Moshe nine mill and AK so there was two AKA xena room. The M four in the pistol Were traced back to an army unit. Excuse me that's right. It's like they got. They recovered their weapons or took them or something. Yeah they had the dudes His Lv his body armor helmets night-vision goggles no ship. His name was stolen. The magazines Zen foreigners pistol was a soldier. An army soldier that was killed western Ramadi. Yeah wow that's fucking gnarly. Won't we'll certainly get into the details of the story but Just in terms of the lightning round? What's your favorite? Adc in terms of of a pistol. Generally speaking we'll carry well. I'm pretty happy. With the way that went operated around and blew the hangups off of it was eight. You're sick I don't want to say that they're trying to know her out. I've been trying to get them to work with me for a while. We'll we'll give them a shout. That's a nine Mil. I'm assuming if we're talking about the same gun right it was and I I guess what do you care? Is that what you carry now? No actually got a Walter really in my background. James Bond over here. That's awesome and that's what you'd prefer to carry day to day. Oh well the Glock nineteen around for a bit. It's a little bit big and bulky I don't like a scary. Yeah I've already been shot in the balls Monson. Only try to spend. So if you're by yourself. What do they call is self injuries? Yeah so self inflicted what What's the best thing to come out of this? Would you say out of that at injury? I would say probably the best thing financially. He's ever happened to me. Tell me about that. Well my retirement a bit a bit there than it would have been by more than half. Yeah my education. Benefits from pendants are awesome. Yeah my daughter. A to B twenty nine coming up here real soon in July. No April. That one's in April. Yeah she's doing all my branding. My website since Oh. She's my graphic designer. That's cool and brand person. Yeah whatever you call it. I don't even know what I'm doing yet. Yeah I mean everybody starts somewhere what What is your morning routine consists of now? Now that you've been out in in. How long have you been out now? Got Out in two thousand ten okay So for seven years almost seven years. I WANNA worry advocate for so calm care coalition probably dealt with upwards of four hundred people some of the worst combat injuries to come out of a Iraq and Afghanistan and I dealt with a whole bunch of different diseases. Ls A lot of neurological diseases. Probably because of the heavy metal stuff were exposed to what So what what does when you get up in the morning nowadays. What does that do you have a more entertainers on? It sounds like you travel a lot. What is Barney truck? I'm afraid to fly. My dog might have to fire down the Tampa this month. It'll be the first time to do you have a morning routine. I really don't have routine Missouri. Just changes yeah. I get up and do what I want to do when I wanted to do Do you live somewhere in particular. Now are you. Just kinda bounced around bounced around. Get ready to buy a fifth wheel and park that in different places across the country. I dig it. I want to one of my closest friends does kinda similar thing but Us actually on this show not too long ago. But we're going to say on low hold on Tangent. Bring me back yet. What I would like to talk about kind of where you're from in terms of what your childhood experience was like and where where it all started in. What kind of contributed to you joining the military but would ultimately first and foremost where are you originally from Hausa born in point pleasant New Jersey Okay and grew up New Jersey Pennsylvania. Virginia Beach joined the Navy from Virginia. Beach my father was in the military By the time I was twelve years old. He was medically retired schizophrenia. Really out of the Navy so he was a he trained me to be in the seal team's Chilton's were pretty easy for me what What did he do in the navy? he was a fifty three mechanic. Okay and so being born in New Jersey in men bounce around bump swimming. You bounced around in that first twelve years because of his career. Not a whole lot. We he was stationed in Lakers. And then we'll grow from Pennsylvania. Yeah Okay and then at the age of twelve. The second divorce happened and I moved Virginia Beach With Him. He was medically retired from the navy and lived the rest of his life until he passed away. Last year in inpatient facility were insisted living oh facility so how big of an impact me. Now I can only imagine a big impact but What kind of an impact that have on you growing up it? It made me have to figure things out for myself. Yeah he was a terror. I mean he's ties the polls and beat US really like From day one minute from an early age or Wizar- attire laid. I'd I'd talk about it in my book the first time my earliest childhood memory is jumping on his back because he broke my mother's arm over his knee. How old were you at that point? Five so incredibly abusive Father When you were in New Jersey in Canada going through all this what to what was the family dynamic like otherwise me was was there any normalcy to it or was it We thought it was. I mean looking back on now. Who is an oil can you? Can you tell it? Tell me like what most days were. Like in that Child Environment. Did you have siblings? I did Got from the original one brothers about a year and a half younger than me and I have From the second marriage I have a brother and sister one of which was in the seal team's Oh really yeah Sean Day. That's awesome so he was in the teens for about twelve years. Yeah If you could go on back to just kind of family dynamic if you will look like. It was very chaotic but structured He would go off line. Just beat on us for like silly stupid reasons. We assume that was all normal. What what what Kinda reason. What would set them off there? There was a week where he told us. I know you're going to mess up. So he actually woke up and beat us every day before he went to work. We DIDN'T DO ANYTHING. He's schizophrenic. You have a whole bunch of poverty. You just never know which ones their wagon. So you and your brother. There's there's a movie I can't remember what it's called but It's got Elijah Wood. Obviously a few others but it's kind of a similar thing. They've got this alcoholic abusive. Father Beats The shutout and they do a bunch of stuff to to kind of counteract it and get away from it. He's the older brother and and he watches the younger brother and he gets involved. Were there were there elements of that? Were you'd try to protect your younger brother. Was you just beat the shit out of both here? I did try to protect them. I felt like I was his favorite so I didn't get as bad. I don't know that was the case but it was. It was just pretty much constant but we had dinner every night at six o'clock was the one normally thing we had Sunday breakfast. Yeah every Sunday. What sometimes there were containers glasses and shit flying around but there was practiced. What So your your mom. What was was her role and all that I mean we're just trying to survive or would like what was she doing during these these periods. Oh my mother was real young and she had started dating a black a black guy when we were going through the court system I think the bias was pretty strong and she losses because she was Dayton abiding really like that. They're still married. That played a role in got two brothers from that. Yeah so I guess what? Walk me through from when you can remember until twelve when When you ended up having to be around him what was that like. Our my stepmother was pretty abusive to really. Yeah so the. That's that's Kinda word happen. He he went high and right got put in the hospital. She started having a whole bunch of people. Coming hanging out the house She was abusive but I stopped at one day dumped on her button. Basically I know we were living in Maine but that time we were with my with my father completely alienated from her mother. We weren't allowed to talk to her All the cards Christmas cards birthday cards and stuff. Then I later saw returned with the checks cashed. So my father is taking the checks. My mother sent into US cash letting US know shit but we never talked to her in the divorce so we pretty much did like we didn't. We felt abandoned by our guest. Yeah what What was the situation once? So you said it was twelve when your dad ended up. Yes Oh my mother my stepmother what the slap me and I called her hand swept her legs out from underneath there and dumped on but it was just natural..

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Episode 54: Mike Day - Former Navy SEAL and Author of Perfectly Wounded

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