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And welcome. Gamers to gaming fixed. This is frank your host and GonNa do a little bit of housekeeping Early on so that we get everything out of the way unfortunately because of other commitments and time constraints and what have you Heather is no longer with our show and Won't be won't be here for this foreseeable future right now. We are looking at if you are interested for Some co hosts that Noah about gaming. Then we'd be happy to have you come on in and sit with us for spell in You know discuss some some games We basically discuss everything from anime to video game consoles. I guess that would be your Z. If you were going to go alphabetically I duNNo. Seems like the best bet to start we. Of course Discuss all things gaming specifically the community and how to act Kind of appropriately. Or how did how did how to navigate things From a social point of view. And of course we also Like to play some and We play Anything from royalty free to pretty much any kind of gaming music Humor related or anything soundtracks or anything. That really would float your boat or anything that you might play at a D. and D. session Me Myself I've been playing a lot of adventure league lately which has been a really good time. I've been playing over at the Guild House. I play Usually from six to ten or seven to ten depending and usually they run a game of They run a two hour version. Which is basically you play For two hours on say a four to six hour session and you play your character for two hours and then they will play the game the next week until the adventures over which is kind of a cool thing. It's kind of Nice It's it's a nice way to kind of have almost a gaming group without having a gaming group I guess I've I've been enjoying it. I've I like to do that. one other thing that. I've really been enjoying Lately I've I've been working on building my magic deck which has been really cool I've been Going through and Basically through thrown of L. Duran. I found out that third of Aldrin had a lot of green blue. So I decided that I would Look through that and it's been pretty cool. I've just decided for some reason that I wanted to put together a green blue deck. I think it was because there were tumor folk Commanders and I thought that was cool so one of them can be a commander in one of them can be kind of lieutenant. General type Character so I thought that'd be fun Just let you know. At three thirty. We are going to be doing The one two three Kind of our little small version of our To shows and I don't know there might be a point in which the one-two-three comes back. I I'm not really sure I'm still working on that and trying to get it all figured out Like I said I do have These commitments where I have to go to Dallas. That has kind of hampered things but shouldn't hamper things too much and today on the program we are going to be discussing dream. Hack and I just figured I'd start talking about Dream Hack. I've never been to dream Hack Dream Hack I guess is typically it seems like when I was looking through the the information on Dream Hack that it seems to run every single month in some other location and it it's They have it in Canada. They have it in France. They have in Here in in Texas Things Austin I may be wrong They had it all over the place and this was the first year I believe. Or maybe this is the first year that they had it in Anaheim California and it was the Anaheim Convention Center and it was really interesting going because When I went I was I was. I saw a lot of people in cost play as priests and it turns out that they were not cost playing. It was in fact the Christian. I don't know what it's called. I didn't go and look. I didn't decide to attend this conference. we were there as pressed for. Dream Hack so. I thought that it was inappropriate to go to the Christian Bible Event that was occurring. But there were people that were actually Priests and and Catholic nuns and It was it was really odd because in order to get dream. Hack you had to go through large lines of a lot of these type of people so it was an interesting booking situation and oddly enough sandwiched in between the two was the Forensic Science Convention as well so that was kind of interesting. There was a a forensic science convention so basically all the people that you know go and look into bodies and find out you know how to cut people apart and whatnot they were. They were right before Dream Hack. And so Went in there and It was Because of the way unfortunately the way times are Had to go through a metal detector and that was an interesting process They didn't want anybody bringing anything in because they were worried. I guess because of the EDM aspect. They were worried that maybe people might Want to ingest things before going and seeing shows and and that kind of thing. Also I think a lot of times that that's an excuse also to make sure that People are keeping to their bottom line and they're actually making the money that they they were told that they would be able to make At that event so I think a lot of it too so anyway I went into the To the events and It was it was very different So this was a streamer conference as well as a board games being offered. There was a really nice board game area where they had lots of Board Games and Card Games that you could play that. Lots of tables and The even had tables that were provided by Geek. Chic and Geek Chic Geek. Chic is very nice table company. They make a very nice would tables. That are custom made Usually they have a inset that comes out and then they have felt at the bottom of very very good craftsmanship Most of these table self for I think the starting is like twelve hundred dollars to You know like hundred thousand dollars if you want one that has multiple shells or multiple drawers to put all of your gaming supplies in really really nice Tables they also think. Make some chair sets. I think they even have like a glow some Globes and different different setups and shells and things like that. If you're really interested but They had that stuff and They had something like I don't even know how many games all set up so that you could go and play and then they had a lot of streaming they had will not specifically streaming but they had east sports They had All of the things that you would think they had fortnight. They had a counter strike of all things they had a call of duty heart stone. They had a war. Were trying to think. Oh warcraft. Three which I'd never played I didn't actually see any any playing of it but and this was just walking into the front and that's really what we're talking about when I walked in it was all bright Very cheery there was a place where they had some specialty soda that unfortunately they couldn't sell because of the contracts with the convention that was kind of strange but you could buy a Mug. I don't know how much the mugs were because I was a little bit less on my funds so wasn't able to get a Mug for the program or anything I was then Went there was a lot of independence which will get into later and there was. It was just a lot of things specifically. I guess what this is is. It's an East sports convention with some music elements thrown in and I think it's got a lot of potential to have a lot of different things that I I don't think that they're against adding more things. They also had the light sabers which will go into later as well but that will all happen after the break right now. What we're going to do is go into a little bit of a break. I'm going to play some music after and when we get back we will talk more about the awesome thing that was dream. Hack on. Wbz MD where people make a difference. And you're listening to gaming fix a lot in chemistry No-one likes me in English. I learned that I'm disgusting and in physics. I learned that I'm a loser today in school. I learned that I'm ugly and useless in Jim. I learned that I'm pathetic in a joke in history. They learned that. I'm track today in school. I've learned that I have no friends in English. I learned that I make people sick stupid and at lunch I learned that I sit on my own because I smell in chemistry. I learned that no one biology. When that I'm fat and stupid and in Math island trash the only thing. I didn't learn in school today. Only thing I didn't learn today I didn't learn is why no one ever helps kids witness bullying every day. They want to help but they don't know how to teach them how to stop bullying and be more than a bystander at stop bullying dot. Gov Message from the AD council a more lean and. I'm Lucky. I have macular degeneration. That's when the blood vessels in your eyes leak and you could see blind spots in front of you. Eventually you can go. Blind smokers are a lot more likely to get macular degeneration and I smoked. I'm lucky because there's a treatment for it. Every month I sit in a chair with my is held open by a retract her. Then the doctor takes the needle and injects medicine right into my is the first time the needle went in. It sounded like an egg cracking every time I feel that needle in my eyeball. I wonder why I ever put that cigarette in my mouth. Might tip is smoking. Was it worth going through? All this and I'm the lucky one..

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