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The Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy



True. Blood was one of the shows that I watch whenever I like had burn out at the end of my wb run. And then once I start started doing some ring of honor and eventually I ended up going back to impact. I wasn't working fulltime. I discovered television. I was a big fan of Dexter True detective later on became big. Love Mind but true. Bought also is a show on joy and following these vampires. Who lived in all these different eras and different time periods and they were like relative to the error and I was like I wish I could like have a character that that's really what I wanna do so I started thinking about it and trying to apply like a the life of vampire who's lived two thousand years to a wrestling character and then what I came up with was like what if something happened to me whereas like this big traumatic incident and ended up being jeff diving off the top of the impact zone. That broke me but like opened up parts of our mind and I use more of my mind than rail human does and like I become conscience of conscious of like where my soul has been in different bodies in different vessels. So it's like you have a soul that lives in a in a vessel a body for so long and then that vessel dies in the news onto the next one and that was my whole motivation behind creating broken matt. It was like more or less from true blood and seeing like vampires live for thousands of years in different time periods. That had different experiences that you had a girlfriend in the thirteen. Hundreds and a girlfriend in the fifteen hundreds or you know the lived at one point through the black plague you know then maybe they lived through. World War Two. You know just just different time periods like that which totally allows you to change up so many things even before left. Tna started doing some of that where I revert back back to the king and gold which was my original vessel which was from Alexandria Egypt. You know which King Tut or something. Yeah exactly I had a whole bunch of ideas of of different things to do and now that I'm here today. W actually have started again now. My vessel zenith was killed off by Kenyan never revealed dish but like Ken Again. Ultimately becomes like a kind of a reference light for an essence that is like events in the. Wbz In some ways and can again you know because like the very end Kennedy Kennedy and then the very end. The Gin is like Megan spelled backwards. Where like a sanctuary? And if you know him from the walking dead like you come in you can have a good life there but like you have to like bow down to him and do whatever he says. And that is kind of the deal. And that's where I created that turn and then abomination was the other thing and that was like an extension from from Ray and I love that I took like Abigail and bray being deleted in the lake of reincarnation and then I got part of Abigail an abomination in the water. Whenever I was being trying to found my broken brilliance and the whole thing I tried to tie in like different universes and I love doing the stuff with Randy Orton at the very end because I was able to tie that in to a different universe which allowed me to come in. Aws as a new character now. My new essence is Damascus is oppose Zenith Zenith died. He was killed by abomination and Kenyon. And now I am in Damascus Damascus. In my vessel and Damascus's as an older more powerful essence the hairs rat obviously and Damascus. From nine ninety nine BC. A lot more vicious on more serious did I. I if I if I was stoned right now I just did. This reminds me of when I was about twelve years old playing dungeons and dragons and we would play for weekends at a time and I would come home am. I would tell my mom all of this stuff. Like you're telling me and she'd be like I don't know what you're talking about. But the nation that you're showing for this is off the charts and this is what I love about your kind of breakthrough like listen. You're accused of broken. Matt was different level. Shit for me that that description years gave like. That's a novel. It's like Frank Herbert in Dune or something like that. How long were you seeing things? Did you put it on paper? Are you coming up with all this? I mean a lot of that really just like I drew stuff for my from television shows. I'll watch you're writing down and coming. This beget sometimes I would. I would try to make it a habit if I came up with something as a really radical trump. Put it in my phone so hidden even like when I said like you know my my primal passengers. That was a big thing with broken matt back in the day and I was even from like Dexter in the dark passenger so like I'm so inspired by that. He falls a song dark passenger by the way. Yeah yeah so many cool things and like Joe Rushton coal from detective an amazing character. There's a lot of things I tried to pull that Mcconnell that was that was the best season yes never even come close. No I mean it was off the charts. So there's definitely things up pool and like there's just so much great content and so much media out there to watch nowadays I'll watch something if I'm very intrigued by show. I'll usually bill to find something that I go. I could apply this to my character in some way and and make it work and the cool thing about broken matt and the broken universe kind of anything is possible especially like the hardy compound is like a property. Were everything's magic so there's really. It's like limitless. There's no bound Jeff live to your no because both live on the same plot of land we have eighty eighty makers in the woods. Yeah in the woods on the best place to be right now during the end all right hang on the gate but I wanna talk a little because like I said when we talked to Broken Matt we talked about his essence but actually talking to Matt Hardy when you filmed all these amazing just short films is the Best Way. I can describe. Wasn't even Vignette and there's so much invention and imagination and I mean obviously revs your wife King maximum his senior. Benjamin like where? Where are you getting ideas to like? It's like a Ralph. This thing like did you see him around. And you'll be great silent. Man Like senior bedroom was huge. I it's incredible how people love that. Shit that's why no they do. I mean is a senior. Benjamin was so great and the funny thing is if you ever meet him. Is that nicest sweetest Guy Alive in existence and like with him just like we have to keep him very limited. You know people say like Oh brother He's recall right said what was in the business. He worked for Carlito's data's he didn't know anything about the business. He was a superintendent in New York. City is what do you ever hear when he was on? Chona's podcast news. I thought that was a Mexican from the. They played from Puerto. Rico oh so. He was a superintendent in New York City building. All kill. He was a super. He was the super of the building. You know took your manager janitor and did all the work in this big ass apartment building queens and it was like he had no idea about wrestling so like literally everything we did. We coached him through so I will do everything. I could distraught. Protect him and make him seem like this guy who's like a gardener which he really is and he has a great passion. Gardner from for for gardening and for having a garden and is as Gardner. Who like has this like mean streak who like likes to do cruel and unusual things to people or prepare the battle for master? Whatever may be and is crazy like we protected them very hard and it worked and he had over huge he got over really is like I said I think there was t shirts involved there was. There's a lot of different Senior Benjamin stuff and It brings me to this. I have to put some ads in here. I got to take care of a sponsor before we continue about senior Benjamin Sponsors Max Health. Matt guys have her be talking about olmecs freeze. Cd ROLE ON FOR MONTHS. Now and that's because it really works. I love it. Take it with me wherever I go. And if you guys are suffering from chronic pain

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The Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy

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