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Bitcoin Weak Hands Hurt


Polka it some. It's a good day We started the day off and a lot of grain and It's actually mind me reconsider. My thoughts website. Not Reconsider but come back to. What all saying Thursday. I've lost discussed yesterday. I did all my life. I've lost not how assign These tom loss way of talking. Bitcoin potentially being a place way. You know if it was the hall of it longer or indeed having to go up the other asset classes would take note and possibly to join us now. He's so that massive forty five percent down candidatures on Friday a fraud Which obviously didn't help but theory look a little bit of a twit but it seems to be that that was by some tack on Big MACs with Dr. All of the a lot of the What's the long positions to be sold out of? Which of course interns and Democra- shing a little bit more Hysteria kind into it and Dan. She win now want to really interesting. Is that people have left the markets and I feel playbill. The tall made that they had sold everything. Okay I know Is Names nor nor the Crypto Guy. Well he's he's out Zang. Seal out of suckers lucky Pivoted to music so now. He's a rapper. Or something Nas enough God. That interesting interesting The wasn't there for the tech so we did see a lot of Quite a few hands get washed out and That that event was caught extreme. But what will it up now? And that's the thing I just don't know but right now if bitcoin that sitting up seventeen percent with buck above six thousand dollars and as far as that forty five percent full goes in that died. Let me tell you. Let me tell you what we're up to now. We have regained from the close of that candle thirty one percent or I die. Forget you know we still get another thirty eight percent. Don't forget that if something falls by fifty percent which is pretty much what we saw for it to get back where it was actually. Sorry that was the was the second therion. Shell here from the close to here. It's still about the same anyway. If something falls fifty percent which we did four to come back to that price point it needs to a hundred percent of its move. That's how big the move needs to be a big move now. Let me tell you something else from the low of that. Move UP SEVENTY PERCENT. So bitcoin regain some strength of a syllable composure. There as well and if tell you about what's on coin market kept right now. Yesterday were Ninety Billion Ninety. Eight billion full bitcoin. That is out today. Let me tell you drum roll plays with sitting at one hundred fifteen billion so pretty pretty big comeback to be so very interesting to say and the good the good thing about this as well as that. There are trading up a charities that will call this. I've got plenty. That will be watching today on the decision extended further or pulled back a little bit. We've got NAS. Transient play for those who have been around watching be as V Breakout levels bonnets. Break all the garden get the it was not from a and one of the ones that are really liked. I actually went law that seven. Pm and wouldn't you know it? That's when a break so unfortunate for me. Well it's set up. Sorry I didn't actually get my hands on that which is a shine. But anyway. I digress when APP pushing on towards the hall as of this could be a very good move and it will. It has been very good moving if we see. Continue who knows what the future could hold guys. We currently sixty three forty to become up. Seventeen point two percent onto the theory. I'm rotten at one. Forty point four nine up. Nineteen percent nineteen percent to deter do Xl pages pushed the new laws and the day pushing to a high of very nice looking candle there and I'm going to start the fiddles for bitcoin booster sorry conversa- for Bush. It is at seventeen twenty cents up sixteen point seven nine percent as it stands right now. Really strong performed lost fifteen fifteen minutes or saw big push their bitcoin. Cash is the thirty point eight. Oh Gates at twenty four point three seven percent. It's hundred sixty seven dollars and sixty five cents. That one was a great breakout. If you have been around for that it's up. Thirty five percents that was volatile by a long shot in the top ten lot. Forty dollars or forty one cents. It's up sixteen point two nine percent. It also thirty six cents pushing on quite nicely now. A very good run as we go a game born on the percents On the board where nearly nineteen percent right now the market is having a NAS. It'll push to to continue on with this. Move on loving this. I am absolutely loving it to the seventy spawn. As twelve dollars fifty nine again a good push on as we come to well still got about an hour or so left until we close of that cattle but all the daily camera up twenty point. Five percent jumping across car don. I signed thing. Also push all three point one cents. You Little Ripa. Twenty two point five percent up theorem. Classic is moving no one near a strong with some of the others. But I'll tell you what each time I click on these. I just keep pumping without fourteen point night. Fifteen percent We keep moving fifteen point. One percent at five dollars and thirty cents was saying very strong. Push here across the top. Ten filling out the top ten. Just come into but tron began right here on the fifth day the last fifteen a very good move. Another two percent put onto it at one point two percents. We're sitting up eighteen point five percent right now. The big thing today is bitcoin is up at looks like continues in this vine they may be up over twenty percent now. You're going to be spending time. You know they've already. And this is. The market is moving searches. Everything else guys. Girl's friends family everybody listening. Nazar Tonto use the Internet. To your advantage I spent yesterday with one of the biggest brokers in the world Looking to do some work with these guys will tell you about that when I can't but had the biggest month The biggest month of new account openings and the biggest monthly volume guys dot people attending to the markets to Mike the money. Don't go in there and think that it's just about hitting the ball and sell button. They plays come across. Plays of the state she. We will help you out and let's get this done together. Fantastic die guys. Do Big Rain big happy. They got some Bitcoin Bovina..

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Bitcoin Weak Hands Hurt

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