Harry Kane injury: Will the Tottenham star miss the rest of the season?



Support? In Italy. Reporting Hurricane could be heading to events this the Bala. Go any other way. Joe's any chance that this could actually happen. I think he's really really really long short now because you ventures may be interested in how I think a lot of big clubs will be if he makes himself available. Let's not forget. He's got a very very long term contract spurs and they will cost a lot of money to whoever would want to sign him. The more because events is poor love money into Cristiano Renaldo of course causing them already allow money Shoot squads with huge wage as and I just don't think they have the money to spend on hurricane let alone if they really want him and if he wants to go there however. I'm sure if you'll hurricane right now. And seeing our spurs with Marina at the helm you may be wondering what you future could be because you will come back from injury someone very soon. He doesn't need to rush anything anymore. Because there's euros to play for in the summer so he can take his time and then maybe assess the situation and decided why wants to do. He loves that Claire. He's cleared. That's what he feeds home. Obviously but there's also a direction that he's not so keen on. That was what the crap is going right now. This is an isn't you take a look. At what Spurs have done over the last few months Josie Marino? And you feel Harry Kane and you're watching this all play out surely for the Samuel having about your future maybe having a word with your agent to have a word with the likes of Real Madrid. Who apparently are interested.

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