Tony Phillips joins Broccoli Content as CCO



The ladies from our new center at news dot net former WNYC STUDIOS VP and former commissioning editor for the BBC. Tony Phipps has joined London based audio production company Broccoli content as their new chief. Creative officer can help scale the company including developing international partnerships access. The three year old startup media company has to do with Pushkin to produce a new daily podcast shoot launch this summer. They're hiring for host senior producer. Associate producer producer. Pod FABS is a new website builds to help discovery calling itself the rotten tomatoes podcasting. Whatever that means podcasts are assigned to temperature using a proprietary algorithm part uses at seventy seven point five degrees whatever that means remote recording software then. Casta is removing. It's eight hour limit for free users until July to help those stuck at home French podcast hosting company. Outta have raised one point two million euro. They plans to expand across Europe. The company has twenty employees crate. Media have posted a remote podcast recording checklist to keep your quality. High Sounder has spoken to a lot of successful podcasts and have published eleven creative ways to successfully promote your podcast or ten if you discount the first one goto networking events. Not much of that going on for this piece the other day about advertising a podcast of service called Audrey might be helpful with over three hundred shows who are open to cross collaborating the UK radio station. Podcast radio is now broadcasting information about the virus and in America these Center for Disease Control and Prevention the CDC released a statement earlier today warning citizens to abstain from creating any new podcasts curing corona virus self. Quarantines we asked all Americans to stay vigilant they say and resist the temptation to unleash something on our population. Much much worse than the virus itself. It is of course from a satire website. The hard times sealink in our show notes and newsletter today in podcast news the tumble science. Podcast for cates is focusing on something kids to finding a bit worrying right now. The Corona virus kids ask questions and they got a great expert to answer them in language. Kids can understand no really. I made a version in Spanish as well. It's recommended the Immaculate Deception is the first podcast produced by UK Production Company. Something else in partnership with Sony Music. Entertainment it's disturbing true. Crime Story About Dutch fertility Dr Yang combat who appears to have fathered at least sixty children and the Los Angeles Times has launched Asian enough a new podcast about being asian-american hosted by Genu- motto and Frank Xiang and there's plenty more and all the links in our newsletter subscribe at Prod News Dot Net.

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